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Application a form used to apply for a job I am hopping to get a job Application
Qualifications the ability characteristics or experience that makes you suitable for a job A horse trainer's Qualifications should to be to work will with animals and react fast
Employer a person or business that pays you to work My Employer paid me $100.00 for 10 hours of pay
Employee a person who works for pay The Employee worked 10 hours on monday
Wages a fixed amount of money for working a job Her Wages from work helped her buy a car
Minimum Wage the lowest hourly wage a business can pay a worker The Minimum Wage in MA is $12.00 per hour
Supervisor the person who checks and evaluates the worker The Supervisor was checking my working to see if i was doing it correctly
Co Worker people who work together in a workplace My Co Worker is taking a break from his job
Skill Set job rekted abilitier needed to do a specific kind of work I was hired for the job because of my Skill Set
Time Management being in charge of your time at your work place Time Management is very important
Over Time extra time and pay beyond the hoers that you work The boss paid me more money for working over time
Resume a brief summery of your education accomplishments and experience
Candidates a person that is likely to get a job
Reference a person who knows you and is willing to describe and praise you to support you when you try to get a job Miss. Sue would be a good Reference for me
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