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CHIM 3 Midterm ID

Zi Su Ye (Latin) Perillae Folium
Zhi Fu Zi (Latin) Aconite Radix Lateralis Preparata
Zi Cao (Latin) Arnebiae Lithospermi Radix
Zi Cao (Category) Herbs that cool the blood
Zi Su Ye (Category) Herbs that stop coughing and resolve phlegm
Zhi Fu Zi (Category) Herbs that warm the interior
Zhu Ling (Latin) Polyporus
Zhu Ling (Category) Herbs that drain dampness
Yu Jin (Latin) Curcumae Radix
Yu Jin (Category) Herbs that invigorate blood
Yu Zhu (Latin) Polygonati Odorati Rhizoma
Yu Zhu (Category) Herbs that Tonify Yin
Tian Men Dong (Latin) Asparagi Radix
Tian Men Dong (Category) Herbs that Tonify Yin
Shi Hu (Latin) Dendrobii Herba
Shi Hu (Category) Herbs that Tonify Yin
Shan Zhu Yu (Latin) Corni Fructus
Shan Zhu Yu (Category) Herbs that Astringe and Bind
Sang Ji Sheng (Latin) Taxilla Herba
Sang Ji Sheng (Category) Herbs that Tonfiy Yin
Sang Bai Pi (Latin) Mori Cortex
Sang Bai Pi (Category) Herbs that stop cough and resolve phlegm
Qing Hao (Latin) Artrmisiae Annuae Herba
Qing Hao (Category) Herbs that clear Deficient Heat
Qian Shi (Latin) Euryales Semen
Qian Shi (Category) Herbs that Astringe and Bind
Mu Li (Latin) Ostreae Concha
Mu Li (Category) Herbs that calm the spirit
Mu Xiang (Latin) Aucklandiae Radix
Mu Xiang (Category) Herbs that Regulate Qi
Jin Ying Zi (Latin) Rosae Laevigatae Fructus
Jin Ying Zi (Category) Herbs that Astringe and Bind
Ji Xue Teng (Latin) Spatholobi Caulis
Ji Xue Teng (Category) Herbs that Invigorate Blood
Jie Geng (Latin) Platycodi Radix
Jie Geng (Category) Herbs that Transform Phlegm Cold
Ji Nei Jin (Latin) Gigeriae galli Endothelium Corneum
Ji Nei Jin (Category) Herbs that resolve food stagnation
He Huan Pi (Latin) Albiziae Cortex
He Huan Pi (Category) Herbs that calm the spirit
Huang Bai (Latin) Phellodendri Cortex
Huang Bai (Category) Herbs that drain dampness and clear heat
Fu Pen Zi (Latin) Rubi Fructus
Fu Pen Zi (Category) Herbs that Stabilize and Bind
Dan Shen (Latin) Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix
Dan Shen (Category) Herbs that Invigorate Blood
Dang Shen (Latin) Codonopsis Radix
Dang Shen (Category) Herbs that Tonify Qi
Che Qian Zi (Latin) Plantaginis Semen
Che Qian Zi (Category) Herbs that drain dampness
Bai Zhi (Latin) Angelicae Dahuricae Radix
Bai Zhi (Category) Herbs that expel Wind Cold
Bei Xie (Latin) Dioscorae Avicularis Herba
Bei Xie (Category) Herbs that drain dampness
Ban Xia (Latin) Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae
Ban Xia (Category) Herb that transform Phlegm Cold
Bai Jie Zi (Latin) Sinapis Semen
Bai Jie Zi (Category) Herbs that transform Phlegm Cold
Created by: mswilsonlmt