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Scarlet Ltr Quiz 8

Ch 17-24

Why had Dimmesdale's life been more painful than Hester's? Because he had to live a lie and pretend to be a spiritual leader when he was covering up his sin.
What did Pearl do when Dimmesdale kissed her in the forest? Washed it off.
Contrast the experiences of Hester and Arthur Hester enjoyed great freedom and strength because her sin had been cast in front of all society to see; however, Arthur suffered because of secret sin whil living a scrupulous life at the head of the social system
How did children respond to Arthur Dimmesdale? Stand away from him and eye him strangely
Who received a kiss from Pearl in front of the townspeople? Dimmesdale
What bothered Pearl about her mother's appearance and what does this show about the conscience of a child? The absence of the scarlet letter, she knew her mother was supposed to wear it: even a child's conscience is developed enough to let them understand the difference between right and wrong.
How many years had passed since Hester first stood on the scaffold? Seven
Who said, " Thou hast escaped me!" in the market place? Chillingsworth
What did Chillingsworth expect about Dimmesdale? That Dimmesdale had discovered his identity
Who asked Hester about Dimmesdale in the market place? Mistress Hibbins
What did Hester tell Pearl to expect regarding the minister's behavior toward them? that he would not greet them today, and that she should not greet him.
What did the spectators in the market-place testify to seeing on the minister's chest? the scarlet letter
What did Hester reveal to Dimmesdale in the forest? That Chillingsworth was her husband
What did Pearl ask her mother about the minister? If Dimmesdale was the same minister who had kissed her in the forest.
What did the mariner reveal to Hester in the market-place? Chillingsworth had booked passage on his ship
How did the people respond to Dimmesdale's revelation? With wonder and awe
What happened to Hester and Pearl after the events in the market-place? They disappeared
Who told Hester and Pearl to join him on the scaffold? Dimmesdale
Where did the people think the minster would soon be going? They thought he would die and go to heaven
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