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Woods Runner

Study Guide

impenetrable impossible to understand or enter
frontier a region just beyond or at the end of a settled area
stealth the act of moving or proceeding in a quiet, secretive way so as to avoid notice
marvel to be filled with surprise, astonishment, or wonder
hostile relating to the enemy, dangerous
ravenous very eager for food
stunned shocked or surprised
haven a place of shelter or safety
lope to walk easily using long strides
terse brief and to the point
confiscate to take something away from someone else, especially as punishment
interminable seeming to take forever
brusque harsh, rough
Samuel changed from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. What was he like in the first chapter? -Remember what he was good at. What was he like in the last chapter? -Remember what he felt he needed to do. -Think about where he went after that.
"See how the wind blows" means "Let's see what happens." "We don't know what will happen."
The Hessians were German soldiers fighting for the British army. They were cruel and killed anything living. They took what was valuable and made captors work in hostile environments.
What does it mean to infer? To infer means to tell what something means without the book telling you the answer. Use what the story has told you already, your own knowledge of the subject, and what you think is really happening.
Describe Samuel -What is he good at? -What kind of person is he? -What did he do to find his parents?
Describe Annie Where did she come from? What is she like?
Describe Abner When did they meet him? What is he really doing to help the war efforts?
Setting: Describe the woods What does Samuel say about the woods in the beginning of the book? Think about when his mother went out in them. Why didn't she like them?
Setting: Describe the frontier What was life like here, on the edge of wilderness and homesteads? How long did it take to get information? What happened if you or an animal got sick?
Setting: Describe New York City What was life like for Samuel's mother and father in New York? Where did his dad stay? What was his mom doing? Were they healthy?
How are Samuel and Annie family? What made Annie and Samuel decide that she was now going to be part of Samuel's family?
Why do Samuel and Annie trust Abner? He did something for them that saved their lives. At the end of the book, Abner told them he couldn't travel with them any more. Why?
Write a summary of the book. Somebody Wanted But So Then
How is Woods Runner a good representation of the actual Revolutionary War? Be sure to describe some things that we talked about in the book, like how people lived, hunted, and fought wars.
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