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DT Patents Final

Daoist Traditions Patent Medicines Final

chuan xiong cha tiao wan Acute Wind Cold, Headache(In combo with other herbs for all types);
xiao qing long wan Wind Cold, transforms phlegm, warms LU, descends Qi, cough, wheezing, watery/runny nasal discharge, allergies, asthma initiated by exterior attack of WC; contains ephedra
pe min kan wan (bi min gan wan) Nasal Congestion(yellow, hot, stubborn), secondarily for Ears, Wind Heat, transforms phlegm, dispels turbidity, clears toxins; compare to minor blue for heat vs cold, more extreme than bi yan wan
xin yi wan Wind Cold, transforms phlegm, Nasal Discharge;
bi yan wan Wind Heat, toxins, turbidity, Nasal Congestion(hot, yellow, stubborn, post nasal drip); more mild than pe min kan wan
yin qiao jie du pian Sore Throat, Wind Heat, Anti-viral, used to prevent viral infections, rashes(PI, hives); acute and rapid onset wind heat
sang ju wan Wind Heat, Lung Congestion(rebellious qi, cough, phlegm);
gan mao ling wan Clears and Resolves Toxins and Heat, Wind Heat; more interior than Yin Qiao, progression
zhong gan ling Clears Heat/Toxins, Generates Fluids, Wind Heat;
chuan xin lian kang yan pian Clears Heat/Toxins, Cools blood, Wind Heat;
niu huang jie du pian high fever with constipation, clear heat, resolves toxin(infections of the mouth/face, skin, herpes simplex), frees stool, open orifices, relieve pain, esp good with children that have fever with constipation;
zhen zhu an chuan wan soften masses, clear heat, cool blood, resolve toxin, tonify yin/blood, skin conditions marked by redness(eczema, cysts, benign masses and lymphomas);
huang lian su wan very cold, chinese medicine antibiotic, clears heat, resolves toxicity(intestinal bacteria, dysentary, food poisoning, appendicitis, tooth abcess, etc.);
ming mu shang qing pian Clear Heat from the eyes(red eyes, conjunctivitis, sty, burning), supports yin, resolves toxin, dispel wind, ;
long dan xie gan tang drains liver and GB heat, dispels damp, soothes the liver, tonifies blood, benefits the movement of fire and damp(all 3 jiaos), qi stagnation, ;
zhi bai di huang wan tonify yin, clear deficient heat, purge upward moving fire, chronic urinary tract infection(resistant to treatment); less heat that occurs at night, affinity to the lower jiao
da bu yin wan deficiency heat, nourish KI yin, Surgically induced menopause(hysterectomy), chemo complications, hyperthyroid when there is xu heat; More essence xu, greater heat symptoms
fu zi li zhong wan deficiency of SP qi, deficiency of yang qi, diarrhea(cock's crow, explosive), abdominal pain/distention/cramping, rectal prolapse, ;
wu mei wan Expels Parasites(quiets roundworms, dysentary), warms intestines, resolves toxins, cold in MJ/heat in intestines; NOT FOR DAMP HEAT DIARRHEA
xiao huo luo dan phlegm blocking the channels, paralysis/hemiplegia/bells palsy; intense obstruction
du huo ji sheng wan nourishes yin/blood KI/LIV, nourishes tendons and bones, dispels WCD Bi, low back/knee, sciatica pain; chronic bi, deficiency of yin/blood
guan jie yan wan dispels WD hot/cold, swelling; more swelling, neutral, lower body
juan bi wan dispels WDC, heaviness in limbs; bi in limbs
qing fei yi huo pian clear LU fire, eliminates phlegm, drains liver fire, moistens throat, frees the stool, relieves cough(barking cough);
wu ling san pian Frees movement of water(retention of fluids, damp in joints, edema, arthritis, ascites),Tonify Spleen, Drain Damp, Wind Damp, nephritis, congestive heart failure;
er chen wan Profuse Phlegm(expectorates more easily, white, thinner), Harmonizes ST/SP(food retention, nausea, vomiting, indigestion), Morning Sickness(caution because of ban xia);
qing qi hua tan wan Transforms Phlegm, clears heat, relieves cough, chronic bronchitis, asthma;
liu shen wan anti-bacterial, toxic heat in throat(strep), ; very bitter
jie geng wan Phlegm (LU, throat, hot/cold), Cough, diffuses LU qi, used as an envoy for the throat; caution with hypertension and drugs related to it
ping chuan wan Tonifies LU qi, Tonifies KI qi/yang, KI grasping LU qi, calms wheezing, relieves cough with phlegm; tonifying
zhi sou ding chuan wan Labored breathing, bronchial spasm, clears heat, descends LU qi; related to ma xing shi gan tang
xiao ke chuan Clears Heat, Toxins, Phlegm, dispel cough; prodominant heat signs (syrup)
ning sou wan Transforms Phlegm, Nourishes LU yin, relieves cough(acute, chronic), clears heat; phlegm heat with dryness
san she dan chuan bei mu phlegm, heat, toxins, moistens throat, relieves cough; prodominant phlegm (syrup)
luo han guo zhi ke chung ji dry cough syrup, clears heat, nourishes yin;
dan shen yin invigorates blood, tonifies blood and qi, clears heat, calm shen, opens the chest(fixed chest pain, palpatations), restless sleep, increases microcapillary circulation and prevents clotting; artherosclerosis, angina pectoris, stroke,
xue fu zhu yu wan invigorates blood(dark tongue, wiry pulse), moves qi in chest(chest oppression, pain), moves LIV(H/A, Wood/Earth disharmony); panic attacks, ulcer, stress induced chest pain, more immediate
yunnan bai yao int/ext, stop bleeding(blood stasis, trauma, pre/post surgery, internal bleeding, hemmoraging, vomiting blood), severe emotional trauma;
du huo luo dan nourishes blood/qi/yin/jing, Bi, stagnation of blood/qi;
jin gu die shang wan trauma w/sprain/strain/fracture, moves blood, strengthens bones and sinews;
die da wan hua you invigorates blood, disperse swelling, cools blood, stops bleeding, relieves pain;
yu ping feng san wan Tonify Wei Qi, frequent illness, HIV;
zhong guo bei qi jing Raises Yang, Tonify Wei qi, ying qi, and blood. Postpartum, HIV;
dang gui su Blood Deficiency, Nourishes Liver, Moistens Intestines;
liu jun zi tang Tonifies/Harmonizes SP/ST, transforms phlegm and damp, rebellious ST qi;
xiang sha liu jun zi wan Tonifies SP, Warms the MJ, Transforms Phlegm, rebellious ST qi; add mu xiang and sha ren to liu jun zi tang
bu zhong yi qi wan Tonifies SP qi, warms MJ, Raises SP Yang(prolapse);
si wu tang wan Nourishes Blood, Invigorates Blood;
shou wu pian Nourishes Blood, benefits and astringes the jing, benefits LIV/KI, strengthen bones, moistens intestines;
gui pi wan Tonifies SP/HE qi, nourishes HE blood, secures qi and contains Blood, calms shen; HE blood xu due to SP qi xu
bu nao wan Nourishes HE, tonifies blood, tonifies KI, resolves stagnation, subdues yang, calms shen;
ba zhen wan Qi and Blood Xu, Blood xu due to weak earth;
shi quan da bu wan Qi and blood xu, cold, mild yang xu, digestive cold, loose stools;
wu ji bai feng wan Blood Xu effecting menses(spotting, ammenorhea, postaprtum fatigue, post menses to build blood, infertility), Tonify Qi, Warming;
fu ke yang rong wan Tonify Qi, Nourish Blood(ammenorhea, spotting, skin problems), Strengthen Uterus(habitual miscarriage, leukorrhea, postpartum hemmorage, delayed puberty);
yang yin qing fei wan Lung Yin xu, Cough due to heat and/or yin xu(post-illness, consumptive LU disease, smokers cough); available as a syrup
tian wang bu xin dan Cools blood heat, Nourishes Heart Blood and Yin, Calm Shen(insomnia, anxiety, palpation, Heart/KI communication);
liu wei di huang wan Nourishes Yin;
mai wei di huang wan Lung Distress due to yin xu; add mai men dong and wu wei zi to liu wei
qi ju di huang wan eye disorders due to yin deficiency; add gou qi zi and ju hua to liu wei
ming mu di huang wan eye disorders due to yin deficiency with heat, Liver wind and Liver blood xu; add bai ji li, ju hua, gou qi zi, shi jue ming, dang gui, bai shao to liu wei
er ming zuo ci wan ear ringing, tinnitus from deficiency; add chai hu, ci shi to liu wei
ingredients for liu wei di huang wan shu di huang, shen zhu yu, shan yao, mu dan pi, fu ling, ze xie
ingredients for si jun zi tang ren shen, bai zhu, fu ling, zhi gan cao
ingredients of si wu tang dang gui, bai shao, chuan xiong, shu di huang
ingredients of ba zhen tang ren shen, bai zhu, fu ling, zhi gan cao, dang gui, bai shao, chuan xiong, shu di huang
zuo gui wan Nourishes the Essence (bones, tendons, give strength to be able to expel a pattern); compare to liu wei, more essence tonifying, more cloying
you gui wan Nourishes Essence, Tonifies Mingmen Fire(yang);
jin gui shen qi wan Warms MingMen Fire, Tonifies Kidneys(Yin, Yang);
ge jie da bu wan KI not grasping LU qi, Tonifies KI Yang;
run chang wan/ tao ren wan Moisten Intestines, Constipation(yin xu, blood xu, travel- not enough water or drying out from airplane air);
fargelin / hua zhi ling wan Hemmerhoids(pain, bleeding, inflammation, swelling, itchiness);
sheng ling bai zhu pian Harmonizes ST/SP(tonify SP, diarrhea, acid reflux);
huai jiao wan Hemmerhoids(pain, bleeding, inflammation, swelling, itchiness), Constipation; more constipation than hua zhi ling wan
(chai hu) shu gan wan Dredge Liver Qi(pain), Descend ST qi(acid reflux); Livery person who is also on Nexium
mu xiang shun qi wan Harmonizes Liver and Stomach (Epigastric pain, abdominal pain, borborygmus), Deficiency of SP Qi and Yang (Sensitive to cold foods, digestive xu);
xiao chai hu wan Shaoyang Syndrome(Alternating chills/fever, bitter taste, dizziness, nausea, one sided), Pivotal Formula(Int/Ext, Unresolved, Shaoyang, Chronic Ilness), Liver Qi Stagnation/DH(hepatitis, vomiting blood, jaundice);
xiao yao wan Harmonize Liver and Spleen(strengthen digestion, move qi, stop pain), Move and Tonify Blood and Qi(gynecology);
jia wei xiao yao wan Clear Liver Heat(heavy menses, strong menstrual cramps, irritability, breast tenderness), Harmonize Liver and Spleen(strengthen digestion, move qi, stop pain), Move and Tonify Blood and Qi; clears heat as compared to xiao yao wan
li dan pian Clear DH and expels stones(Gallstones, hypochondriac pain, referred pain in the shoulder, jaundice, thick tongue coating), Moves Liver Qi Stagnation, Clears Heat and Toxin;
jiang ya cha Settle the Liver, Extinguish Wind, Subdues Yang; Prescribe Green Tea
jin suo gu jing wan Secures Jing(premature ejaculation, nocturnal emissions, leukorrhea), Astringes Urine(bedwetting, urinary dribbling);
tian ma gou teng yin wan Wind due to Liver Yang Rising(Headache, dizziness, vision, tinnitus, hypertension, shakes, tremors, bells palsy), Nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin(deficient bi, wei atrophy); Parkinson's, MS
chen xiang hua qi wan Stagnant Qi/Food/Damp (rebellious qi, acid reflux, epigastric pain, distension); more powerful in transforming damp than bao he wan
bao he wan Stagnant Qi/Food/Damp (rebellious qi, acid reflux, epigastric pain, distension), Tonify Spleen Qi(promotes digestion); dealing more with food stagnation and SP Xu than chen xiang hua qi wan
ping wei pian Tonify Spleen Qi(fatigue, flabby tongue, weak pulse, chronic loose stool, colic), Redirect Stomach Qi, Dispels Damp;
sai mei an Stomach Fire, Stop Stomach Rebellion(Acid Reflux, Stomach Ulcer, Epigastric Pain), Regenerate Stomach(restore lining, stop bleeding);
wei te ling Descend Stomach, Harmonize and Warm Stomach(tight pulse); stagnation of qi due to cold in the Stomach, no dampness
yao tong pian Lower Back Pain, Strengthen KI Yang, Strengthen Tendon and Bone;
yan hu suo zhi tong pian Pain (Moves blood and Qi, Frontal Headache, Uterine Cramping); herbal aspirin'
jin gu die shang wan Trauma (Sprains, Strains, Fractures, Stops Bleeding, Bruising), Moves Blood, Strengthens Sinew and Bone; more effective in swollen trauma
tong jing wan Invigorates Blood, Breaks Stasis, Regulate Menses, Relieve Pain;
qi ye lian Pain (moves blood, opens channels and collaterals, relieves pain);
an tai wan Calms Fetus, Tonify Qi, Nourish Blood, Moves Blood, Cool Blood;
jiao ai wan Calms Fetus, Warms and Invigorates Blood, Stops Bleeding, Nourish Blood (postpartum, Regulate Menses (perimenopause with prolonged bleeding due to cold and xu);
niu huang qing xin wan Calm Shen (mania), Clear Heat, Resolve Toxins, Open Orifice, Move Blood; heat stirring the shen
gui pi wan Tonify Spleen and Heart qi and Nourishes Heart Blood (think of this with qi and blood xu with bleeding), Calm Shen;
suan zao ren wan Calm Shen(insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, mental restlessness, pensiveness, poor concentration), Nourish Heart Blood, Clear Deficient Heat; can have a strong sedative effect
ding xin wan Calm Shen (insomnia, vivid dreams, poor concentration, mental restlessness, mental fatigue), Nourishes Heart Blood and Yin, Anchors Yang; contains mercury
an shen bu xin wan Calm Shen (insomnia, vivid dreams, nightmares, fear, poor concentration, mental restlessness, mental fatigue), Moves Blood, Anchors Yang, ;
bai zi yang xin wan Calm Shen, Heart Blood and Yin Deficiency with Blood Heat (constipation);
zi xue dan Calm Shen and Clear Fire (infectious disease, high fever with delirium, clear heat ), Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremor (convulsions); use for a limited time
an mien pien Nourish Heart and Calm Shen (insomnia), Drain Dampness, Moves Food Stagnation, Clears Heat;
fel ursi / xiong dan zhi chuang gao Hemorrhoids (pain, bleeding, swelling, itchiness), dispels damp heat, moves blood, Relieves Pain; contains bear gallbladder
bai hua you Moves Qi, Moves Blood, Relieves Pain; oil based liniment: Stays around longer and remains near the surface
ching wan hung Burns (Clears Heat, Move Blood, Relieve Pain, Generate Flesh), also other skin heat conditions (hemorrhoids, bedsores, boils, psoriasis, eczema); Oil based paste: can stain skin or clothes
zheng gu shui Trauma (Invigorates Blood, breaks blood stasis, moves qi, strengthens tendons and bone (fractures, sprains, strains), stops pain); alcohol based: Sinks into tissue and evaporates quickly. Can saturate gauze and apply to area. Can have heat applied
te xiao er yan ling di er you Clears Heat from the Ear or Nose (External Ear Infection, Nasal or sinus infection); Topical Oil used in the ear
fu fang xi gua shuan Clears Heat and Toxin (sore throat, tonsillitis, Topical on sores (burns, cold sores, bleeding wounds)), Invigorates Blood, Stops Pain; mix with an oil to apply to sores
shuang liao lou feng san Clears Heat and Toxin (sore throat, tonsillitis, Topical on sores (burns, cold sores, bleeding wounds)), Stops Pain;
zhen zhu mo Clears Heat Cools Blood and Generates Flesh (Topical (boils, carbuncles, heal wounds), rashes, nosebleeds), Calms Shen (fever induced insomnia and irritability); has been used for vaginal dryness
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