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Test #1-Pharmacology

Chapters 1-4 Pharmacology- Pierce

What does TID mean? three times a day
What does PRN mean? as needed
What does PRN mean in latin? pro re nata
What does Q4h mean? every 4 hours
What does BID mean? twice a day
What does QID mean? 4 times a day
What type of information must be included on a prescription? 1. Name 2. Dosage/ Strength 3. Route 4. Frequency
What does SOS mean? once if necessary
What is the term for a drug that binds to a receptor and stimulates its function? Agonist
Which form of drug preparation tends to act more quickly? Gas
What does Ung mean? Ointment
What does PO mean? by mouth
What is the term for a route other than the alimentary canal? Parenteral
Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and excretion are the four basic processes of what? Pharmacokinectics
what is the term for the time between administration of a drug and the first appearance of its effects? Onset
Malignant Hyperthermia is an ____________effect to certain drugs. Idiosyncratic
What does gtt mean? drops
What is the term for a drug that counteracts the action of another drug? Antagonist
What does NPO mean? Nothing by Mouth
What is the term for the amount of unbound drug molecules able to cause a desired effect? Bioavailability
What is the term for an artificial manipulation of segments of DNA? Biotechnology
What is the term for the metabolism of breaking down of a drug molecule in the liver and secreted by the kidneys? Biotransformation
What is the undesired potentially harmful effect of a medication? Adverse Effect
What is the expected but unintended effect of a drug? Side Effect
Who set the standards and require proper medication labeling? Pure Food and Drug Act
What government agency was established to enforce the controlled substance act? DEA
What is term for when a drug travels from the site of administration into the bloodstream? Absorption
Drugs are chemically altered via a process called metabolism in the: Liver
Drugs are excreted or eliminated by the: Kidneys
What is the term for a drug that enhances the effect of another drug? Synergist
What are the three major sources of medications? Natural, Chemical Synthesis, Biotechnology
Which one of the following is Not one of the four major drug classification categories? a. Affected body system b. Chemical Type c. Narcotic Antagonist d. Therapeutic Action C. Narcotic Antagonist
Which of the following is NOT one of the four drug forms? a. Cream b. Gas c. Liquid d. Solid A. Cream
What type of medication does not require a prescription and can be bought over the counter? OTC Over the counter
What is another name for an OTC medication? Non-Legend Drug
What is another name for a prescription medication? Legend Drug
The study of genetic factors in predicting a medications action in the body is called: Pharmacogenetics
All of the following are found on a medication's label EXCEPT: a. Pharmacy Name b. Manufacturers name c. Dosage Strength d. Administration Route A. Pharmacy Name
An example of a pharmacology resource that lists medication information is: PDR
A narcotic is considered a/an: Controlled Substance
Which federal agency within the US Department of Labor has a mission to ensure safety of workers by establishing standards? OSHA
The organization that evaluates and accredits health care institutions is: JCAHO
In the phases of medication testing, which one is used on healthy volunteers to determine safe dosage levels? Phase 1
Which medication name is also called its trade name? Brand
The measurement system also used as the international standard is the: International System of Measurments
In order of operations which is done LAST? Subtraction
What is a reversal agent for narcotics? Narcan
What is another name for Narcan? Naloxone
What is another name for diphenhydramine? Benadryl
what are NSAID medications? non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
What does qd mean? everyday
What type of medication triggers malignant hyperthermia? Succinylcholine
What is another name for Succinylcholine? SUX
What medication is given for the treatment of Malignant Hyperthermia? Dantrolene
How much Dantrolene is given when treating MH? 2.5mg/kg
What are some examples of parenteral routes? IM IV SQ ID
what is the term for droplets of oil and fat in water? Emulsion
What is the term for a liquid with a dissolved substance? Solution
What is the term for particles not easily dissolved in liquid? These must be shaken. Suspension
What is the term for a medicinal preparation that contains alcohol as the primary solution? Tincture
Emulsion, Solution, Suspension, and Tincture are all types of what? Medicinal Preperations
What does AD mean? Right Ear
What does AS mean? Left Ear
What does AU mean? Both Ears
What does OD mean? Right Eye
What does OS mean? Left Eye
What does OU mean? Both Eyes
What does qh mean? Every hour
What does ss mean? Half
What is another name for Xyolocaine? Lidocaine
What is another name for Marcaine? Bupivicaine, Sensorcaine, Carbocaine
What type of media does not stain? Contrast Media
What type of media stains tissue? Dyes
What are the 4 forms of drugs? 1. Solid 2. Liquid 3. Gases 4. Semi-Solids
What is another name for a anticoagulant? Thrombolytic
What type of medications decreases intraoperative pressure and intracranial pressure? Diuretics
What medication stimulates uterine contractions? Pitocin (Oxytocin)
What is the term for the stopping of blood flow? Hemostasis
What is the term for balanced body systems? Homeostasis
What medication counteracts Heparin? Protamine Sulfate
What are anticholinegic medications used for? Dry secretions
What is another name for Anticholinegic? Atropine Sulfate
What is the term for reasons why a drug is needed or an operation is needed? Indications
What are anticoagulants used for? Blood thinner
Reasons why a drug is NOT needed or operation is NOT needed? Contraindications
What is another name for a chemotherapy drug? Antineooplastic
What does a scored tablet mean? It can be broken in half
What medication names do not have the first letter capitalized and are not owned by anyone? Generic Name
What medication names have the first letter capitalized and are copyrighted? Brand Name (Trade Name)
What medication name is long, only chemist know, and is made up of the chemical make-up? Chemical Name
Are anticoagulants a theraputic drug? Yes
What are antipyretic medications used for? Reduce fever
What is the formula to calculate a dose? Volume x Strength=Dose
-caine Local Anesthetic
-cillin Antibiotic
-mycin Antibiotic
-olol Beta Blocker
-ole Antifungal or PPI
-oxacin Antibiotic
-pam Antianxiety
What is another name for antianxiety medications? Anxiolytic
-pril ACE inhibitor
-sone Steroid
-statin Lipid Lowering
What type of medication relieves acidity? Antacid
What are Antineoplastic medications made of? Fungus
what type of drug relieves itching? Antipuritic
Gelatin-type container that encloses a single dose of a drug is: Capsule
what type of drug is used to produce evacuation of bowels? Cathartic
Skin patch containing the drug which is absorbed through the skin? Dermal Patch
Amount of medicine to be administered to a patient at one time: Dosage
Any chemical substance taken into the body for the purpose of affecting body function: Drug
Body's defense response of living tissue to injury? Inflammation
What is the term for an inactive substance administered purely for its psychological effect? Placebo
What does sublingual mean? beneath the tongue
What is the term for generalized or affecting the entire body? Systemic
Compressed mixture of a pure drug into a solid form: Tablet
Narrowing of blood vessels: Vasoconstriction
What are analgesics used for? Relieve Pain
What are the six rights of medication administration? 1. Right Drug 2. Right Dose 3. Right Route 4. Right Patient 5. Right Time 6. Right Documentation
Special characteristics by which persons differ from each other: Idiosyncrasy
what is the term for a substance being separated from a solution? Precipitation
What does PDR mean? Physicians Desk Reference
What drug class has high potential for drug abuse and are accepted for medical use and can lead to dependency? Examples would be Cocain, Morphine, Codeine. Class 2
What drug class contains drugs with high abuse potential and not accepted for medical use except for marijuana in some cases? Examples would be Heroin, LSD, PCP, andmarijuana Class 1
What drug class contains anabolic steroids and products with low amounts of codeine? Class 3
What drug class is accepted for medical use and has potential for dependency? Examples would be Diazepam, Lorazepam, and Phenobarbital Class 4
What drug class has many antitussive and antidiarrheal agents. They are medically accepted for use and have very limited potential for dependence. Most of these are OTC medications. Class 5
What act sets the standards for quality and required proper medication labeling for preparation and containing morphine? Pure Food and Drug Act
Who inspects the facilities where drugs are made, reviews new drug applications? FDA
What phase of drug testing is given to healthy volunteers? Phase 1
What phase of drug testing are given to limited number of patients presenting with the disease or condition the drug was developed to treat? Phase 2
What phase of drug testing is used to asses drugs? These are most commonly known as "double-blind" studies. Phase 3
What phase of drug testing is post-marketing study? This phase is used to continue study and documentation. Phase 4
Created by: lmlayton
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