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Word Lessons 45-48

acceptable use policy a set of rules governing how a network or the Internet may be used
agenda a list or schedule of activities or topics to be accomplished or discussed
ethical conforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior
integrity adherence to a strict moral or ethical code
style set a collection of styles that have coordinated colors and fonts
template a document that contains formatting, styles, and sample text that you can use to create new documents
theme a set of coordinated colors, fonts, and effects that can be applied to Office 2016 documents
comment a note attached to a document for reference
ink annotations comments, notes, and other marks added to a document using a tablet PC or other type of pen device
revision marks formatting applied to text in a document to identify where insertions, deletions, and formatting changes have been made
independent scrolling the ability to scroll a window without affecting the display in other open windows
synchronous scrolling a feature that links the scroll bars in two windows so that when you scroll in one window the other window scrolls as well
authenticated checked and verified as real or legitimate
digital signature an electronic, encryption-based secure stamp of authentication on a macro or document
encryption scrambling so as to be indecipherable
password a string of characters used to authenticate the identity of a user and to limit unauthorized access
Created by: DeborahCrenshaw