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AMT 105

Aircraft Drawings

All sub-assemblies are brought together in an________. Installation drawings
_________ consists of individual blocks that represent several components such as a printed circuit board or some other type of replaceable module. A Block diagram
Complex assemblies like cable connectors are typically shown in _________. Sectional View
________ shows how two or more parts are assembled into a complete unit. An Assembly Drawing
_________ supplies all the information required to construct a part, including all dimensions. A Detail Drawing
The most common type of drawing you will use is the ________. Working Drawing
___________often make use of exploded view drawings to show every part in an assembly. Illustrated Parts Catalogs
_________ represents the mechanical, electrical or electronic action of a system without expressing construction or engineering information. A Logic Flow Chart
________ drawing is often used to illustrate simple items with no interior parts. The Revolved Drawing
_________ allows the inside and outside of a part to be seen at the same time. The Half Section
_________ are typically found in illustrated parts catalogs. Exploded View
_________ are included in most aircraft service manuals and specify things like the size of wire and type of terminals to be used for a particular application. Electrical Wiring Diagram
________ is used when you need to see an object similar to the way the human eye sees it. A Perspective Drawing
In Perspective Drawing the rays that project from the drawing intersect at a vanishing point on the _________ Horizon
_______________ gets its name from drawings used for cabinet work. A Cabinet Drawing
In______________ all distances are the same length as the actual sides. an Isometric
In _______________ there are six possible views from which an object can be drawn: the front, rear, top, bottom, left side, and right side. Orthographic
With full _____________, you will see all sides of an object. Orthographic drawings
In a ______________ pictures of components are used instead of the conventional electrical symbols found in schematic diagrams. Pictorial Diagram
A __________________ is used to illustrate a principle of operation and therefore, does not show parts as they actually appear or function. Schematic Diagram
A ______________ is generally printed in the lower right hand corner of every aircraft drawing. Title Block
___________ are light lines with arrowheads that extend from a note, number, or information box to a part. Leader Lines
____________ on outlines are used to illustrate a visible part. Visible Lines
______________ are used to show differences in types of materials or exposed surfaces. Section Lines
The combination of a vertical and horizontal coordinate identifies a ______. Zone
_____________ is the difference between the extreme permissible dimensions. A Tolerance
____________ consist of medium or heavy alternating long dashes and two short dashes with an arrowhead at each end. Cutting Plane
______ are light lines that extend from the point where a measurement is made. Extension Lines
________ identify locations fore and aft along the fuselage. Station Numbers
___________ are measured from the centerline of the fuselage, or buttock line zero. Wing Stations
A ___________ consist of a medium-weight solid line and is the most common type of line used on most drawings. Visible Lines
_____ are light lines made of alternating long dashes and two short dashes. Phantom Lines
_________ are light lines that are broken in the center so a dimension can be inserted. Dimension Lines
__________ indicate invisible edges or contours. Hidden Lines
A _______, _____________, and _______________ all take a three dimensional look when shading is applied correctly. cylinder, cone, & sphere
_________ are made up of alternating long and short dashes and are used to show the middle of a symmetrical part. Center Lines
Short ________ are used across small dimensions to show that a part continues. Break Lines
The symbol for _______ is frequently used to represent all metals. Cast Iron
Dimensions that appear on a drawing represent the perfect size, and are called basic, or ___________. Nominal Dimensions
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