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Phase 1: Inpatient Rehab Monitoring of electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and pulse. Progression of ADLs and activity according to metabolic equivalent (MET) levels. Sitting for short periods of time. 1-3.4 mets
Phase 2: Outpatient Rehab Occupational therapy 3 days a week for 4–8 weeks. Progress MET levels start at 3.5
Phase 3: Community Intergration Physician referral, Stress test, Continuation of Phase 2 activities and progress as tolerated, with less therapy supervision and in community settings
1.0-1.4 METS Sitting for self feeding, sitting for washing hands/face Transfers Slowly work to increase sitting tolerance No isometric exercises
1.5-2.0 METS Walking 1 mph Typing Driving Playing cards Knitting/Sewing
2.0-3.0 METS Level walking 2mph Level biking 5mph Radio/TV repair bartending bowling golf w/ power cart playing piano
3.0-4.0 METS Walking 3mph Biking 6 mph brick laying cleaning windows golfing while pulling clubs pushing light power mower archery social volleyball
4.0-5.0 METS Walking 3.5 mph Biking 8mph painting/masony/light carpentry doubles tennis raking/hoeing
5.0-6.0 METS Walking 4mph Biking 10mph digging in garden/light shoveling stream fishing horseback riding - trotting
6.0-7.0 METS Walking 5mph Biking 11mph Singles tennis splitting wood snow shoveling light downhill skiing manual lawn mowing
7.0-8.0 METS Jogging 5mph Biking 12 mph digging ditches carrying 175lbs sawing hardwood touch football mountain climbing vigorous downhill skiing
8.0-9.0 METS Running 5.5 mph Biking 13 mph shoveling 10 minutes (31 lbs) social squash/handball fencing basketball
10+ METS Running 6+ mph Competitive squash/handball Shoveling 10 minutes (35+ lbs)
Created by: crystalfmulligan
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