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DMT 102-01 Design ?

Describe asymmetrical balance? Balanced but not the same on both sides.
List four steps in the design process. Research, thumbnails/concepts, roughs, finished comps, prepress.
What should the ppi/dpi (pixels or dots per inch) be for images on the web? 72 ppi/dpi.
What should the dpi(dots per inch) be for offset printing? 300 dpi.
Positive/negative space is another word for what? figure/ground.
What is repetition? What items might you repete in a design? What is the purpose of repetition? Repitition in design are things like font styles, colors, shapes, lines and other elements. Repitition creates consistency and unifies a design.
What is contrast? What does contrast do in a design? Items that are different, items that are different draw our attention.
What is Gestault? See the unified whole as one piece not all of the parts.
Describe symmetrical balance. The same on both sides.
What is one of the affects of the computer on graphic design. Shorter production schedule, more fonts available, designer responsible for proofing, no more typesetters, the designer is the typesetter.
What is the purpose of a design brief? To define your project.
What is graphic design? Various methods that are used to create and combine symbols, images and/or words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.
What is the purpose of brainstorming? To get ideas.
What are the CRAP principles? Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity.
How does proximity work in graphic design? Items that are close together become related and seen as one. Items that are far away from each other are viewed as separated and are not seen as relating to each other. Proximity is used to organize a design.
List two things you should keep in mind when designing a billboard. Contrast, Type readability, time to read driving by, not too busy.
What does Robin Williams say about alignment? You should line everything up with something else. That enables the viewer to go from one item to the next, creating a visual connection helping to unify a design.
List three places you can work as a Graphic Designer... Advertising agency-communication services, Art Studio, and Freelance.
What is the designers job? Concieve, plan, and execute design that communicates a message to a specific audience within specified limitations
What do you use a thumbnail in graphic design for? Beginning a rough draft.
Created by: Rob Baker