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HOT LIGHTS a powerful light that is continuously on; used most often in theater or video or TV
STROBE a light that fires only a fraction of a second and is not continuously on
MODELING LIGHT a bulb inside a strobe unit used to set up a shot and judge how the flash will illuminate the subject
REFLECTOR a device used to reflect light back on the subject to fill in shadow areas
DIFFUSER translucent material in front of a light that spreads and softens the light
UMBRELLA a modifier that reflects the light onto the subject; it is attached to the strobe
SOFT BOX a rectangular diffuser used to minimize shadows and soften hard light
BEAUTY DISH a reflector with built in light that reflects the light onto the subject
LIGHTING TABLE small subjects like commercial products (perfume, jewelry, etc.) photographed on a flat surface (not the floor)
AMBIENT LIGHT the general light already surrounding the shooting area; light that we do not introduce; pre-existing
BARN DOORS devices/flaps that you put on your lights to change the amount of light that is directed at your subject
FLAG a device such as a large black rectangle used to block light, cast a shadow, or provide negative fill in a lighting setup.
SNOOT cone in front of the light that make a circle with the light, to illuminate a small area
SCRIM a screen-like mesh in front of light to bring down intensity
GRID a honeycomb like light modifier that helps control harsh light.
SYNC SPEED maximum speed of the shutter through which you get a clear photo when attached to studio lighting
SYNC CORD a cord that allows the camera to control the flash so it flashes at the right time
C-STAND a light stand that can be collapsed for easy storage
SEAMLESS BACKDROP a backdrop used in photography to make sure there is no harsh transition from the wall to the floor
LIGHT METER an device that measures the intensity of light and calculates proper exposure
INCIDENT METERING measure of the intensity of light falling on a subject, more accurate than a reflected metering
REFLECTED METERING measure of the intensity of light reflecting off the subject
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