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AMT 106

Materials and Processes

Plain steel was one of the earlier and most popular metals used for the construction of aircraft: Steel is a ferrous metal.
Plain steel, identified as medium-carbon steel would be written as SAE 1030, SAE stands for society of automotive engineers, what does the 30 stand for in SAE 1030? Thirty hundredths of one percent carbon.
What is tensile strength? The ability to withstand tension.
The amount of stress needed to cause a metal to deform is called? Yield strength.
What is shear strength? The ability of metal to withstand being cut cross-sectionally in half.
When molecules inside metal are heated: They want to move away from each other.
A non-ferrous metal is: A metal, which has elements other then iron as its base.
The ability of a sheet of metal to return to its original position after normal stretching and bending is called what? Elasticity.
The ability of a joint to withstand any form of crushing or excessive compressive distortion is called what? Bearing strength.
Wrought aluminum alloys may be identified by: The four-digit index system.
Pure aluminum offers? High resistance to corrosion.
What is Alclad? A pure aluminum coating applied to the surface of heat-treated aluminum alloy.
What are the two types of heat treatments used for hardening aluminum alloys?
Magnesium is? A lightweight metal with good strength, Suitable for some areas of aircraft structures, and weighs about 2/3 as much as aluminum.
Heat treatable alloys have their condition of hardness designated how? By the letter T followed by one or more numbers.
Pure titanium is: Soft and ductile.
Monel is high in: Nickel content.
Is copper or its alloys used muched as structural materials? No, neither find much use as structural materials.
A brinell hardness tester measure: The diameter of the impression made by the penetrator.
What should not be used to extinguish a magnesium fire? Water should never be used.
The ability od metal to be shaped by drawing or pulling : Ductility.
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