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Abate to become less intense or less in amount
Abysmal extremely bad
Acquisition the act of gaining a skill or possession of something
Adept having knowledge or skill in something
Agitate to promote something
Ambiguous unclear or vague in meaning
Ambivalence the state of being uncertain or stuck between two or more options
Analogous adj. similar but not identical
Annihilate v. to destroy or cause devastating destruction
Anomaly n. something different from the norm
Antipathy n. a strong feeling of dislike
Apex n. the highest point of something
Apprehension n. fearful expectation of something
Austere adj. extremely plain adj. stern and forbidding adj. relating to self-denial
Avenue n. an intangible path or approach to something
Avid adj. actively interested in or enthusiastic about something
Benevolent adj. kind, generous
Bittersweet adj. tinged with a feeling of sadness
Bolster v. to support, strengthen, or fortify
Brevity n. the quality of being brief or terse
Candid adj. direct, blunt
Candor n. the trait of being honest and frank
Capitalize v. to use to your advantage
Civic adj. relating to the city or citizens
Clinical adj. emotionally unattached
Coarse adj. lacking refinement or sophistication
Coincide v. to happen at the same time
Competent adj. sufficiently qualified
Complacent adj. satisfied, with no desire to change or improve
Complement v. to make perfect or complete
Contend v. to maintain or assert (an opinion)
Conventional adj. abiding by accepted standards
Conviction n. a firm belief in something
Culmination n. the final act or climax
Cultivate v. to foster the growth of
Decree v. to declare formally and with authority
Deference n. respect; regard
Demur v. to object to
Deplete v. to (over)use over time (usu. resources)
Devise v. to come up with (a plan)
Diligence n. conscientiousness; the quality of being committed to a task
Dire adj. hopeless and dangerous or fearful
Discord n. disagreement
Disdain n. a lack of respect and strong dislike (toward something or someone)
Dismay n. hopelessness, stress, or consternation
Disparage v. to belittle or speak down to
Dispatch v. to send off a message or messenger
Dreary adj. sad, gloomy, dull
Dubious adj. doubtful, questionable
Eccentric adj. peculiar or odd; deviating from the norm
Egregious adj. extremely bad
Eloquent adj. having refined or expressive communication skills (in speaking or writing)
Eminent adj. superior or distinguished; high in position or status
Emphatic adj. very expressive; using emphasis
Empirical adj. derived from experience, observation, or an experiment
Endow v. to equip or bestow (usu. a quality or ability)
Endure v. to withstand, sustain, or hold out against
Entail v. to involve or include
Entrenched adj. firmly established
Enumerate v. to specify or count
Erratic adj. having no fixed course; deviating from the norm
Exert v. to put into use (usu. as effort)
Exhilarating adj. invigorating, stimulating, or exciting
Exploit v. to use selfishly or for profit
Ferocity n. viciousness, violence
Fiscal adj. related to (government) money
Flourish v. to prosper, grow, or make fast progress
Fluctuate v. to be unstable; to rise and fall
Foment v. to stir up
Freewheeling adj. carefree
Galvanizing adj. thrilling, exciting, stimulating
Geriatric adj. relating to old age
Hostile adj. harmful, dangerous
Ignominious adj. publicly shameful or humiliating
Impart v. to transmit, bestow, or disclose
Imposition n. an unnecessary burden
Incite v. to encourage or stir up
Indifference n. apathy, emotional detachment
Indiscriminately adv. randomly; with little or no distinction
Insatiable adj. can’t be satisfied
Inversion n. a reversal
Irreconcilable adj. incapable of being in harmony or agreed upon
Lament v. to feel sorrow for; to mourn
Lucrative adj. capable of making a lot of money; profitable
Malicious adj. harmful, spiteful
Obsolete adj. no longer used; rare or uncommon
Omnipotent adj. almighty and all powerful
Onset n. the beginning or early stages
Opine v. to openly express an opinion
Ornate adj. highly detailed and decorated
Oust v. to remove or force out of (usu. a position or office)
Paramount adj. predominant, superior, most important
Peculiar adj. strange, bizarre
Persecute v. to cause suffering to
Petulant adj. cranky, pouty, irritable
Pitiable adj. deserving pity
Plausible adj. reasonable and possibly true
Postulate v. to assert
Potent adj. having great influence adj. having a strong, chemical effect
Pragmatic adj. practical, useful
Precedent n. an example or subject from earlier in time
Promulgate v. to put into law or formally declare
Prosecute v. to bring criminal action against someone (in a trial)
Ramify v. to split into two or more branches
Rash adj. without attention to danger or risk
Refute v. to prove to be untrue, unfounded, or incorrect
Reluctantly adv. somewhat unwillingly
Reproach v. to criticize
Repudiate v. to refuse to recognize as true
Retention n. the act of keeping something
Satiated adj. satisfied (usu. in hunger)
Savvy adj. having practical intelligence or knowledge
Scandalous adj. morally offensive, often causing damage to one’s reputation
Scrupulous adj. paying great attention to detail
Scrutinize v. to examine carefully and critically
Sentiment n. opinion n. a tender or moving gesture
Sheer adj. so thin that light can shine through
Stark adj. very plain; devoid of any details or features
Surly adj. unfriendly; inclined to anger
Surmount v. to get on top of or overcome
Susceptible adj. to be vulnerable (to something)
Tactful adj. skilled at dealing with people
Taut adj. pulled tight
Teeming adj. abundantly filled (usu. with living organisms)
Tentative adj. not yet finalized
Treacherous adj. dangerous and unstable
Ubiquitous adj. being everywhere at once
Unadorned adj. undecorated, plain
Undermine v. to weaken or subvert (usu. gradually or secretly)
Underscore v. to emphasize or give additional weight to
Undulate v. to move as ripples or in a wavy pattern
Unilateral adj. one-sided
Unmitigated adj. downright, utter, total
Warrant v. to prove to be reasonable
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