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DMT 102-01 InDesign

DMT 102-01 InDesign Study Questions

Name one thing that InDesign can do that Microsoft Word cannot. Color separations. Id. has more professional type control.
What two keys do you hold down when sizing an image using the selections tool so the image does not get skewed or sheared? Shift & CTRL/Cmd
Name 2 things that appear in the color control palette when type is selected? Font name, font size, font style, leading
How do you change the color of text? Swatches, color proxy
Name 2 file formats used in InDesign for importing images (for print doc.)? .tif, .wmf, .ai, .eps, .ai
How do I get an image into InDesign? File>Place> or Cmd & D
What is a guide and how do you get one and use one? Non printing ruler guide. Drag off ruler, helps line up and orient objects in a document.
What do the magenta lines indicate in your InDesign document? Can images go outside the lines? Magenta lines indicate document margins, images should go off the edge if you can have a bleed, usually text stays within the margins.
How do I select multiple items in InDesign? Select one object then hold the shift key and select another object. Or marquee the whole group with the selection tool.
What can you do in InDesign to help the text stand out from the background? Shadow, glow, stroke and fill.
Should I copy and paste images from the Internet or Word into my InDesign document? No, because then they are embedded.
How can I tell where a reference point is for an object in InDesign? Select item with selection tool and look at the proxy section of the control palette.
How do I remove or add a border to a shape or rectangle frame? With shape selected use pull down menu in control palette to change or remove border/frame.
Where do I find out what images are attached to my document in InDesign? Links palette.
What is the purpose of an X frame vs. a regular rectangle frame? X frame can be used to indicate a photo in your layout without it actually being in there yet.
What does the normal and the preview screen modes show? Normal shows all non printing marks, preview hides all the non printing marks and gives a preview of what the document will look like printed. (w) is shortcut
What does the x and y axis in a color palette tell us? Location of the item on x and y axis reletive to reference point.
How do we center align type in its type box? Use the control palette and center align paragraph settings.
What key do you hold down while drawing a shape to draw a circle or square? SHIFT.
What three things do I need to take with my InDesign document to a printer or give another person? document, fonts, and linked images.
Created by: Rob Baker