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chapteer 15

What is unit price? a price per unit of measure.
What is brand? is a name given to a product or service to distinguish it from other similar and competitive items
What is impulse buying? the opposite of spending time and effort is buying too quickly.
What is consumer movement? to fight against unfair business practices, consumers united to demand fair treatment from business, giving rise to what is known.
What is Fraud? occures when consumers are given false information in an effect to make sale.
What is guarantee? is a promise by the manufacturer or dealer, usually writing, that a product is of a certain quilty.
What is express warranty? is made orally or in writing and promises a specific quality of performance.
What is implied warranty? is impossed by law and is understood to apply even though it has been stated.
What is Mediation? involves the use of a third party who tries to resolve the complaint between the consummer and the business.
What is Arbitration? results in a decision that is legally binding.
What is class action suit? legal action by one party on behalf of a group of people who all have the same grievance.
What is small claims court? In every state, a court system exists to resolve cases involving small amounts.
Created by: Jessica Fudge



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