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(CK) FlowersSG1

(CK) Flowers for Algernon Study Guide Part 1

This story is told in what point of view in the form of a? 1st person journal
Miss Kinnian regards Charlie as her best student because of his desire to learn
Charlie hates which test because he thinks the inkblots are hard and confusing? Rorschach test
The name Algernon comes from which language? French
What does the word algernon mean? whiskered
How does Charlie feel about being chosen for the experiment? happy and excited
How does Charlie feel after the first couple of weeks after the operation? frustrated and disappointed
How does Charlie feel toward Algernon when he learns that the mouse must pass tests in order to get food? sympathetic
To "pull a Charlie Gordon" means to do something_____ stupid
Finish this quote: "A search for intelligence drives out the search for _____." love
The author of "Flowers for Algernon" is Daniel Keyes
The genre of the story is science fiction
Why do the doctors want Charlie to keep a diary? to keep track of his progress
Why was Charlie taking so many tests? He hoped the doctors would use him in an experiment to make him smarter.
Why didn't Charlie explain to Joe Carp about his operation? The doctors told Charlie not to tell anyone.
What did Dr. Strauss give Charlie to use at night? a sleep television
Miss Kinnian worries that Charlie is too trusting
Why did Miss Kinnian run out of the room after she read Charlie's progress reports? She is upset by the way he has been treated by his friends.
Before surgery, Charlie thinks the guys at the factory where he works are his good friends. However, they are making fun of him. This is an example of? irony
When Charlie realizes that his "friends" have been making fun of him because he was intellectually disabled, he feels naked and ashamed for the first time. This is a reference to Adam and Eve and is ? an allusion
Charlie learns that Algernon was the FIRST of ALL the animals to stay smart so long. This is an example of? foreshadowing
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