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digital citizen

digital footprint all of the information online about a person either posted by that person
imagery drawings or illustrations, often symbolic
invisible audience anyone who can see information about you or posted by you online
persistent lasting a long time, if not forever, such as information that one posts online that does not go away because it is passed on and spread
trustworthy accurate and dependable
publish to present a finished piece of work to the public
evaluate to carefully examine something to figure out its value
criteria standards on which you base a judgement
generalization an assumption made about a whole group of people based upon your experiences with a few
stereotype a widespread belief about a group of people-often negative-that influences how members of that group are perceived and treated
harassing bombarding someone with messages over digital media, or repeated contact when it is least expected
deceiving using fake names, posting as someone else, or creating a fake profile about someone else
flaming saying mean things, usually in ALL CAPS, and often in public forum with the intention to to humiliate
hate speech a verbal attack targeting someone because of their race, gender,religion,ability or verbal orientation
rework to reform, reuse, or remix copyrighted work into something else
fair use the ability to use copyrighted work without permission, but only in certain ways and in specific situations (schoolwork and education, news reporting, criticizing or commenting on something, and comedy/parody)
public domain creative work that not copyrighted and therefore free for you to use however you want
remix or mash-up editing together clips of video , sound, images, and text by "remixing" or "mashing" different parts to create something new
parody a creative work that is funny imitation of something and pokes fun at an original work.
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