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Eng 3-4 Vocabulary

English 3-4 Vocabulary List and Word Dissection 2009-2010

courageousness, bravery; endurance; spirit, guts Mettle
impervious to light; difficult to understand Opaque
next to last Penultimate
partial shadow; cloudiness Penumbra
interval of relief; a break Respite
to fall, to plunge Plummet
act of compensating for loss or damage Restitution
rural, country, bucolic Rustle
to burn slightly, scorch Singe
timid, meek, or bashful; ashamed Sheepish
to hunt, to pursue Stalk
to beat severely, to defeat severely Trounce
state of confusion Tumult
absolute, certain, undeniable Unequivocal
accuracy, truth Veracity
empty, void, lacking intelligence, purposeless Vacuous
erratic, unrestrained, reckless, disobedient Wayward
sudden, unexpected good fortune Windfall
someone passionately devoted to cause Zealot
fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers Xenophobia
to make poor or bankrupt Impoverish
totally safe from attack; able to resist defeat Impregnable
suspicious Leery
to treat as a celebrity Lionize
to enroll as a member of a school or college or university Matriculate
overly sentimental Maudlin
lacking interesting or distinctive qualities Nondescript
to express an opinion Opine
to arrange music for performance; to coordinate, to organize Orchestrate
to reword, usually in simpler terms Paraphrase
outcast Pariah
to shake slightly, tremble, vibrate Quiver
to argue about insignificant and irrelevant details Quibble
resisting authority or control Recalcitrant
to retract a statement, opinion, etc. Recant
retrained; honest; careful and precise Scrupulous
vulgar, low, indecent Scurrilous
belief, doctrine Tenet
earthly, down-to-earth, commonplace Terrestrial
to seize by force Usurp
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