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ear anatomy & points

The prominent rim of the ear Helix
A small tubercle at the posterior/inferior aspect of the helix Helix Tubercle
At the junction of the helix and ear lobe Helix Cauda
Elevated ridge inside the ear Anti Helix
Vertical portion of the antihelix Anti helix principal part
Superior branch of the antihelix Anti helix superior crus
Inferior branch of the antihelix Anti helix inferior crus
Triangular depression between 2 crura if antihelix Triangular fossa
Narrow curved depression between helix and anti helix Scapha
A small curved flap in front of the ear Tragus
Depression between helix crus and the upper border of the tragus Supratragic notch
Depression between te tragus and anti tragus Infertragic notch
A small tubercle opposite to the tragus and superior to the ear lobe Antitragus
Depression between the antitragus and the antihelix Helix notch
Lowest part of the ear without cartilage Ear lobe
Hollow formed by the anti helix, antitragus and helix crus Concha
Hollow between inferior antihelix crus and helix crus Cymba concha
Hollow between the helix crus and antitragus Cavum concha
Opening in the cavum concha shielded by tragus Auditory Meatus external
Superior border of ear attached to the scalp Superior auricular root
Inferior border of the ear attached to the face Inferior auricular root
Point & location for clearing heat & bleeding Ear apex (tip of the helix)
Point and location for hemorrhoids Anterior to ear apex. (Midpoint between ear apex and superior ear root)
Point and location for liver yang rising Helix tubercle (center of the helix tubercle)
Point and location for Skin disorders Helix #1-#6. (From lower border of the helix tubercle to the midpoint of the lower border of the ear lobe. Devided by 6th
What are the points on the helix Ear apex, anterior ear apex, helix tubercle, helix #1-#6
Point and location for pubic or pelvic, and 2 yin orifices. External genitalia. On the helix crus level with the superior border of the inferior antihelix crus (iahc)
Point and location for Urinary disrders and lyn syndrome Urethra orefice. Level with the inferior border of the inferior border of the antihelix crus (IAHC)
Point and location for digestive issue, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids Lower portion of rectum. On the helix crus level with the upper border of the periphery
Point and location for stomach Qi rebellion Diaphragm. Mid point berween the superior ear root (SER) and the lateral end of helix crus
Point and location for Eyes and shen men Point zero. Midpoint between diaphragm and the lateral end of the helix crus
Tip of the auricle when folded in half Ear apex
Midpoint between supra ear root & ear apex Hemorrhoid
Helix tubercle Liver yang
Region from lower border tubercle to midpoint of the lower earlobe. Helix #1-#6
Level with the superior border of IAHC External genitalia
Level with the inferior border of the IAHC Urethra orifice
Level with the superior line of th periphery. Above the superior tragic notch Lower portion of the rectum. Anus
Above the superior tragic notch, midpoint between the superior ear root and the stomach Diaphragm
Solar plexus, midway between the diaphragm and the stoach, center of the helix crus Point zero
Lower 1/3 of SAHC Hip
Midpoint of SAHC Knee
Midpoint between sole & knee Ankle
Superior and medial angle of SAHC Heel
Superior and lateral angle of SAHC Toe
Between toe and heel Sole
Lateral and superior 1/3 of TF Shen men
Superior and medial angle of TF Lower BP
Between shen men and lower BP Hepatitis
Medial depression between medial 1/3 & medial 2/3 Uterus
Lateral edge of TF Pelvic
Below hepatitis Antihistamine
2 points superior & inferior to uterus Adnexa
On the scapha Level with the helix tragic notch Clavicle
Midpoint between clavicle and elbow Shoulder
Midpoint between clavicle and finger Elbow
Midpoint between elbow and finger Wrist
At the top of the scapha Finger
Inferior side of helix tubercle Allergy
Midway between shoulder and elbow Shoulder joint
Lateral 1/3 of IAHC Buttock
Medial 2/3 of IAHC Sciatica (ischium)
Medial end of the IAHC Sympathetic
Area between the midpoints of buttock & sciatica, sciatica & sympathetic Constipation area
Lower 1/3 of principal part Cervical spine
Middle 1/3 of principal part Thoracic spine
Upper 1/3 of principal part Lumbosacral spine
Border between cavum concha and cervical spine Neck
Border between cavum concha and thoracic spine Chest
Border between cymba concha and lumbosacral spine Abdomen
Superior tragus between supra tragic notch and the helix crus External ear
Upper apex of the tragus. Midpoint of upper border of tragus Supra tragic apex
Lower apex of tragus. Midpoint of lower border of tragus Adrenal (stop smoking)
Upper half of medial aspect of tragus. (Underside of thirst) Larynx/pharynx
Lower half of the medial aspect of the tragus (underside of hunger) Internal nose
Center of lateral aspect of the tragus/midpoint between the tip of the tragus and SI 19 External nose
Midway between external nose & inferior tragic apex (adrenal) Hunger point
Midway between external nose & superior tragic apex Thirst point
Superior and lateral to the ST Liver
Midway between the liver and kidney (left side) Pancreas
Midway between the liver and kidney (right side) Gall bladder
Superior to SI on the border line between cymba concha & IAHC Kidney
Midway between Kd & UB Ureter
Superior to LI on the border line between cymba concha and IAHC UB
Medial end to UB Urethra/prostate
Center of cymba concha Umbilicus/ Navel/ abdominal center
Inferior and lateral to ST Spleen
Center of the cavum concha Heart
Superior & inferior to HT (approximately midway between Ht and esophagus) Lung 1&2
Midway between ear cannel & Ht Trachea
Interior to the base of te ITN Endocrine
Midway between endocrine & ear cannel San jiao
Interior opposite corner of antitragic apex Hypothalamus
Midway between trachea and Ht Bronchus
Inferior to the base of the ITN Raise BP
Superior and medial to the base of the ITN Vision 1
Superior and lateral to the ITN Vision 2
Section #2 of earlobe Tongue
Section #3 of earlobe Jaw
Section #4 of earlobe Neurasthenia (sleep)
Section #5 of earlobe Eye
Section #6 of earlobe Inner ear
Section #8 of earlobe Tonsil
Between section #3 & #5 of earlobe Face
Between sections #3 & #6 Cheek
Superior corner of section #3 Tooth
Tip of the antitragic apex Asthma/ parotid/ stop coughing/
Midway between tragic apex & antitragic notch Midbrain
Inferior & medial to the antitragic apex Frontal
Midway between frontal & occipital Temporal
Inferior & lateral to the antitragic apex Occipital
Medial inferior end of antitragus Ovary/testes
Interior center of antitragus Subcortex (brain)
Superior & lateral to ear cannel Mouth
Between mouth & st Esophagus
Between esophagus and St Cardiac sphincter
Lateral end of helix crus Stomach
Between SI and St Duodenum
Superior opposite side to esophagus Small intestine
Between SI & LI Appendix
Superior opposite side to mouth Large intestines
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