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Business #1

Work is any activity that requires work, either physical or mental.
Employment is any work undertaken for profit.
Employee a person employed in paid work.
Employer an organisation or a person that pays the employees.
Unemployment when a person is available for work but doesn't have one.
Self-employment refers to people who work for themselves rather than being employed for anybody else.
Volunteer a person who works for an organisation but doesn't get paid.
Sole traders people who are self-employed and own their small businesses.
Partnerships when two people or more (up to 20) are in business together in order to share both running business and profits
Companies businesses owned by investors (shareholders). They are registered in CRO.
Co-operatives businesses democratically owned by members, who may be workers, suppliers or customers.
Public sector organisation are owned by the state on behalf of the citizens and provide goods and services.
Charities enterprises set up to provide a service but not profit.
National minimum wage is lowest pay per hour an adult can be paid, lower pay is illegal.
Outsourcing when a business reduces its own staff numbers and pays outside firms to do work.
Downsizing reducing number of employees to reduce costs.
E-working working at home for at least part of the week and using Internet to communicate.
Transferable skills useful skills that you can take from one job to another.
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