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Odyssey Review

Characters,places and events from The Odyssey

Achilles Biggest hero of the Trojan war
Agamemnon Menelaus’s brother who was killed by his wife’s lover when he returned from Troy
Alcinoos The King of Phaeceia
Anticleia Odysseus’s mother
Antinoos The leader of the suitors
Argos Odysseus’ faithful dog
Athena Goddess of wisdom; Odysseus is her favorite mortal
Calypso Minor goddess who keeps Odysseus on her island Ogygia
Charybdis Sea monster whirlpool
Eumaeus Odysseus’s swineherd
Eurycleia An old servant maid who helped raise Odysseus
Eurylochus Odysseus’s captain (2nd in charge)
Helen of Troy Menelaus’s wife; she ran away with Paris of Troy and sparked the Trojan War
Helios Sun God
Hermes The messenger god
Laertes Odysseus’s father
Lotus Eaters A group of people who consume a special plant that produces euphoria
Menelaus King of Sparta
Odysseus The hero or protagonist of the story; struggles with humility
Penelope Odysseus’s wife and Telemachus’s mother; Queen of Ithaca
Polyphemus son of the god Poseidon who cursed Odysseus after he was blinded
Poseidon God of the sea and father of the Cyclopes
Scylla 6 headed creature who devoured six of Odysseus's companions
Sirens half bird half woman monsters who lured sailors with their singing to shipwreck on the coast of their island
Telemachus Odysseus’s son
The Cicones The first group of people Odysseus encounters after leaving Troy
The Cyclopes One-eyed monsters and children of Poseidon
Tiresias A prophet who resides in Hades
Zeus King of the gods
Ithaca Odysseus’s homeland
Troy The city that the Greek soldiers besieged for ten years
Land of the Lotus Eaters Here people eat a flower, which makes them forget about their home
Phaeaceia Odysseus tells his story to the people of this land; they return him to Ithaca
Land of the Dead Where Circe tells Odysseus he must go to speak to Tiresias
An epic hero A character whose actions are inspiring and noble
An epic A long narrative story or poem that tells the adventures of a hero or god
Homer The blind poet who is believed to have been the creator of The Odyssey
The Trojan War The Odyssey tells the Story of Odysseus journey home from this war
Created by: MrsLander1833