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Black Stallion

Study Guide

hullabaloo an uproar
lurch to move or jerk suddenly
gingerly cautiously and carefully
contrary oppositional or stubborn
superficial existing on the surface
clamored demand something noisily
trudged walk slowly with effort
uncanny being beyond what is normal
astounding causing amazement
monotonous repeated, dull
famished starving
coaxed to urge gently
nuisance an annoyance
spectator someone who watches something with no interaction
allowance money given for chores completed, especially from parent to child
endurance the ability to do something for a long time
docile acting calm, gentle
humorous funny or amusing
Alec Ramsay is from New York
Uncle Ralph gave him a knife
The ship Alec was on that sank was The Drake
This was the signal that saved Alec and the Black fire smoke
Alec and the Black passed inspection on the ship because the inspector was afraid of the Black
Alec and Henry's plans for the Black were to race him
The Black practiced racing at night
Joe Russo and Jim Neville are both news reporters
The Black can only race in this one race because it's a match race, not a professional race
The Black Stallion's genre is Adventure
The Black is from Arabia
Alec met the Black on The Drake
The winner of the match race was The Black
The only person the Black really likes is Alec
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