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Computers 7th grd.

Mette computers 7th grade

Media media is communication that includes television, radio, and newspapers that often reaches and impacts a large audience
Digital Media Electronic devices + media platforms such as computers, cell phones, the Internet, digital video, social networking sites, video games, and virtual worlds that allow users create, communicate, and interact with one another or the device or app itself.
Simile A literary device comparing two unlike things.
Digital Footprint All the information about a person online that was either posted online by that person or by another, intentionally or unintentionally.
Imagery Drawing or illustrations, often symbolic.
Persistent Lasting along time, if not forever, such as info that one posts online that does not go away because it is not passed on or spread.
Invisible audience anyone who can see info about you or posted online by you.
Aggregator A website or web application where headlines and other content that are collected for easy viewing.
Avatar an icon that represents a computer user or gamer.
Blog A type of website usually updated by an individual or group of bloggers.
Flaming act of saying something mean usually in ALL CAPS often in a public form usually intended to be mean.
Mash-up a remix or blend of different songs, videos, or other media content into one product.
Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Game MMOG usually an online virtual world that multiple players navigate and play in together.
Peer to peer P2P a network that allows for sharing of mp3’s, videos, and other digital files by transferring information directly between two computers rather than going through a central server.
Trustworthy Accurate and dependable
Publish To present a finished piece of work to the public.
Evaluate Carefully examine something to figure out it's value
Criteria Standards on which you base a judgement.
Effective Achieving a desired goal or result.
Efficient Doing something in a way that saves you time and energy
Strategy` a course of action designed to help you reach a specific goal or result.
Phishing a malicious individual or group of individuals who scam users.
SELECT Research questions and search tools
EXTRACT keywords and terms
Apply search strategies
RUN your search
CHART your search results
URL Uniform resource Locator; the web address a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network
IDK I don't know
LMIRL Let's meet in Real Life
LOL Laugh out Loud; Lots of Love
MORF Male or Female
POS Parents Over Shoulder
Creative Work any idea or artistic creation that is recorded in some form whether hard copy or digital
Copyright a lawotects your control over the creative work that you make so that people must get your permission before they copy, share or perform your work
Creative Commons a kind of copyright that that makes it easier for people to share, copy and build on your creative work, as long as you give credit for it.
License a clear way to define the copyright of your creative work so people know how it can be used.
Piracy stealing copyrighted work by downloading it or copying it in order to keep sell or or give it away without permission and without paying
Plagiarism copying or making slight changes to some or all of someone else's work and saying you created it
Acknowledge giving credit to someone else's work you use by clearly stating their name, title of the work, year it was made, and the hyperlink
Public Domain Creative work that was not copyrighted and therefore free for you to use however you want.
Fair Use the ability of using a small amount of copyrighted work without permission, but only in certain ways and in specific situations, such as school work and education, reporting, criticizing or commenting on something, and comedy parody.
Rework to reform, reuse, or remix copyrighted work into something else.
Remix of Mashup editing together clips of video, sound, images, or text by “remixing” or “mashing” different parts together to create something new
Parody a creative work that is a funny imitation of something and pokes fun at an original work.
Scam an attempt to trick someone usually with the intention to steal money or personal information
Identity theft a type of crime in which your personal information is stolen and used for criminal activity.
Vulnerable a position that makes it easier for you to get harmed or attacked.
Habit a regular behavior or practice.
Log a written record of an occurrence over time.
Opportunity a chance for something to happen.
Pitfall a hidden or unsuspected [problem or danger
Inappropriate `not proper, not okay
Riskey potentially harmful to one's emotional or physical state
Harras to bother or pressure aggressively.
Bystander someone who sees cyberbullying but does nothing
Upstander someone who helps when they see cyberbullying
Empathize to imagine the feelings the other is experiencing
Identity all the factors that make up who you are
Exaggerate to say something is more greater than it is.
Deceive to get someone to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage
Hate Speech a verbal attack on someone because of their race, gender, religion, ability, and sexual orientation.
Created by: arw1215
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