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Stack #292896

[SCU - MM2] Herbs That Tonify the Yang

Lu Rong Tonify: KD yang, Essence DU, Qi, Blood Regulate Chong & Ren Stabilize Dai Channel #1 Yang tonic
Lu Rong Regulate Chong & Ren
Lu Rong Stabilize Dai Channel
Lu Rong #1 Yang tonic
Rou Cong Rong, Suo Yang Tonify: KD, Yang, Jing, Blood Moisten Intestines
Ba Ji Tian, Yin Yang Hao(+), Xian Mao Tonify: KD, Yang ↑Sinews ↑Bones ↗Wind ↗Cold-Dampness
Yin Yang Hao Warms/Unblocks Yang Qi
Hu Lu Ba, Gou Ji, Yi Zhi Ren Warm KD
Hu Lu Ba Warm KD ↗Dampness ↗Cold ↓Pain
Hu Lu Ba ↗Cold
Du Zhong Tonify: LV, KD ↑Sinews ↑Bones ↓Hypertension (raw) Calms Fetus
Du Zhong ↓Hypertension (raw)
Du Zhong, Xu Duan, Tu Si Zi Calms Fetus
Xu Duan Tonify: LV, KD (salt water fried) Mends/Reconnect Sinews & Bones Moves Blood ↓Pain Stops uterine bleeding Calms Fetus
Xu Duan Moves Blood ↓Pain
Xu Duan Stops uterine bleeding
Xu Duan, Gu Sui Bu Mends/Reconnect Sinews & Bones
Gou Ji Tonify: LV, KD ↑Sinews ↑Bones ↗Wind ↗Dampness Warm & Stabilize KD KD Yang def: Tootache & Tinnitis (low pitch)
Gou Ji, Gu Sui Bu KD Yang def: Tootache & Tinnitis (low pitch
Gu Sui Bu Tonify: KD Mending of Sinews & Bones KD Yang def: Tootache & Tinnitis (low pitch
Bu Gu Zhi Tonify: KD, Yang, Essence, SP Yang ↓Diarrhea (morning) Grasp Qi ↓Wheezing
Bu Gu Zhi ↓Diarrhea (morning)
Bu Gu Zhi, Ge Jie ↓Wheezing
Yi Zhi Ren Warms KD (retain essence, hold urine) Warms SP (controls salivation, stops diarrhea)
Yi Zhi Ren Warms SP (controls salivation, stops diarrhea)
Tu Si Zi Tonify: KD, LV, SP ↑Vision ↓Diarrhea ↓Xiao Ke Calms fetus
Tu Si Zi ↓Diarrhea
Tu Si Zi ↓Xiao Ke
Tu Si Zi, Sha Yuan Ji Li ↑Vision
Sha Yuan Ji Li Tonify: KD, LV ↑Vision Reserves urine & secures essence
Hu Tao Ren Tonify: KD Warms LU Helps KD grasp Qi Moisten intestines
Hu Tao Ren Warms LU
Rou Cong Rong, Suo Yang, Hu Tao Ren Moisten Intestines
Ge Jie Benefits: KD, LU ↑KD yang ↑Jing ↑Blood Tonify: LU Qi ↓wheezing
Rou Cong Rong, Suo Yang, Ge Jie ↑KD yang ↑Jing ↑Blood
Dong Chong Xia Cao Tonify: KD, Yang, Essence, LU Qi/Yin ↓Phlegm ↓Bleeding
Dong Chong Xia Cao ↓Phlegm ↓Bleeding
Zi He Che Tonify: KD, LV, Qi, Blood, LU Qi, KD essence
Hai Ma Tonify: KD, Yang, Blood ↓Stasis ↓Swelling ↓Pain
Hai Ma ↓Stasis ↓Swelling ↓Pain
Hai Gou Shen Strengthen yang & essence
Hu Tao Ren Helps KD grasp Qi
Created by: mick3y