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Living Online

Best app to watch videos? YouTube
What 2 items do you need to have in order to have an online conference ? Microphone and Webcam
What does 1080p mean? 1080 horizontal video lines from top to bottom
Which statement is correct when talking about the online identity? Post on facebook
Which application provides you with an email account? Google
What are two primary functions of an LMS? Delivery of course content. Track and report student progress.
What 2 things are important to remote employees and co-workers ? VPN and Skype
What are ergonomics? The study of how to better the physical interaction between humans and their devices.
Can you take something off the internet and guarantee its really of the internet? No
Should you keep your personal and professional emails separated? Yes
What is junk mail? Unwanted emails trying to tell you something.
What is HD? 4K
How do you know a website is good? It has .gov
Is plagiarism illegal? Yes
What is one etiquette for emails? DO NOT USE ALL CAPS
What is cyberbullying? Bullying online
One is the best of communication for something urgent? Phone call
What can a contact manager not do verify a contact with current info
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