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Unit 2 Vocabulary

ELA 7th grade Unit 2 Vocabulary Assessment

Explanatory writing is a form of writing whose purpose is to explain or inform.
Text features include organizational features such as table of contents, glossary, index, graphics such as diagrams and charts, special formatting such as boldface, italics, and bulletted text.
An explanatory paragraph contains which elements? Topic sentence, transitions, supporting information, commentary, concluding statement
What are text features? Aspects of a text designed to help you locate, understand, and organize information.
If a source has credibility, it is __________________. Believable, trustworthy, unbiased
What type of advertising/persuasive technique is used when advertisers make it seem that everyone is buying the product, making you feel you should buy it too? Bandwagon
What type of advertising/persuasive technique is used when advertisers make it seem that the product is so new that you will be the first person on the block to have it? Avant-Garde
What type of advertising/persuasive technique is used when statistics, percentages, and numbers are used to convince you that this product is better or more effective than another product? Facts and Figures
What type of advertising/persuasive technique is used when advertisers want you to associate good feelings created in an ad with the product? Transfer
A ___________________ is an original document containing firsthand information about a subject. primary source
Why is evaluating content online important? Because anyone can publish online; there is no guarantee that what you are reading is reliable.
Give examples of secondary sources. Textbooks, books about historical events, works of criticism, magazine articles
Give an example of a primary source. A personal letter written by one person to another person
A secondary source is ____________________. an interpretation of information gathered from primary sources
When you are evaluating sources, what do you need to consider to determine if the source is reliable? Authority, accuracy, credibility, timeliness, purpose/audience
______________ is the art of using words to persuade in writing or speaking. Rhetoric
________________________ is a position statement, or thesis, that asserts an idea or makes an argument. Claim
If information is valid, it is _______________________. believable and truthful
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