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MLW 74957
Min Battery Temp -20C
Max Alt Flap Extension 20,000ft
Vlo retraction 250 KIAS
Vlo extension 250 KIAS
Vle 250 KIAS
Max speed to open direct vision window 160 KIAS
Turbulent air penetration speed Below 10,000ft Max 250 KIAS
Turbulent air penetration speed At or above 10,000 ft Max 270 KIAS / M.76 whichever is lower
Vfe Flaps 1 230 KIAS
Vfe Flaps 2 215 KIAS
Vfe Flaps 3 200 KIAS
Vfe Flaps 4 180 KIAS
Vfe Flaps 5 180 KIAS
Vfe Flaps Full 165 KIAS
Max tire ground speed 195 KIAS
Max tailwind 15 kts
Max crosswind Dry 38 kts
Max crosswind Wet 31 kts
Max crosswind Compacted snow 20 kts
Max crosswind Standing water/slush/wet snow/dry snow 18 kts
Max crosswind Ice 12 kts
Max N1 with brakes applied 60%
Max fuel imbalance 794 lbs
Min fuel tank temperature -37C
Crossfeed selector must be ________ during takeoff and landing OFF
APU Altitude Limit Start 30,000’
APU Altitude Limit Electrical gen 33,000’
APU Altitude Limit Bleed air 15,000’
APU Altitude Limit Air Start Assist 21,000’
APU Starter Limit 1st 2nd attempt 60 sec OFF
APU Starter Limits 3rd Attempt 5 min OFF
Minimum oil temp for engine start -40C
DRY Motoring Motoring 1 Maximum time 90 seconds
DRY Motoring Motoring 1 Cool-down time 5 minutes
DRY Motoring Motoring 2-5 Maximum time 30 seconds
DRY Motoring. Motoring 2-5 Cool-down time 5 minutes
DRY Motoring After 5 sequential motorings... Cycle may be repeated following a 15 minute cool-down period.
Starting Duty Cycle Limits Motoring 1&2 Maximum time 90 seconds ground 120 seconds in flight
Starting Duty Cycle Limits Motoring 1&2 Cool-down time 10 seconds
Starting Duty Cycle Limits Motoring 3-5 Maximum time 90 seconds on ground 120 seconds in flight
Starting Duty Cycle Limits Motoring 2-5 Cool-down time 5 minutes
For ground starts, the cumulative starter run time per start attempt is 90 seconds (monitoring plus start time).
For in-flight starts, the maximum cumulative starter run time per start attempt is 120 seconds (monitoring plus start time).
Pressurization Maximum differential pressure 8.4 psi
Pressurization Maximum differential overpressure 8.8 psi
Pressurization Maximum differential negative pressure -0.5 psi
Pressurization Maximum differential pressure for Takeoff and Landing 0.2 psi
Maximum airspeed for wiper operation 250kts
Autopilot Minimum engagement height 400’
Autopilot Minimum use height 50’
Autoland Wind limitations Headwind 25kts
Autoland Wind limitations Crosswind 15kts
Autoland Wind limitations Tailwind 10kts
Autoland Landing flaps 5
WiFi FA shall be on board and part of the crew during operation of the WiFi system
Flightdeck power Critical phases of flight Shall not be used
Flightdeck power Devices Limited to company issued devices and personal cell phones only
Flightdeck power Charging Do not position cord as to impede the movement of any flight control or restrict emergency egress paths
Created by: jmorris.cfi
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