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Dragon"s Milk EMS

Dragon's Milk Character Sheet

Who does Ryfenn dislike? Kaeldra
Who is taller than a cottage? Fiora
Who has green eyes, is tall and a farin of the Krags? Kaeldra
What is the mother dragon's name? Fiora
Who is able to commune? Kaeldra
Who has curly hair and is 16 years old? Kaeldra
Who are dragonsayers? Kaeldra and Kara
Who can vision? Kaeldra
Who survived vermillion fever? Kara
Who got dragon's milk? Kaeldra
Who is Kara? She is Kaeldra's mother's mother's mother.
Who is sick with vermillion fever? Lyf
Is Lyf a young child? Yes sometimes she is called Lyfling.
Who is Kaeldra's second mother? Ryenn
Who drinks the dragan's milk? Lyf
Who's eyes turn green? Lyf
Who is 12 years old? Mirym
Who granted her amulet to Wynn? Mirym
Who is Elythian, has dark hari, and dark eyes? Mirym
Who is a tall blond youth who has a gyrfalcon? Jeorg
Decribe Embyr green, middle sized dracling and is female
Who is the largest dracling, red and is male? Pyro
Who is always saying they are hungry? Pyro
Who is the littlest dracling, is green and is female? Synge
Who did Granmyr show how to take the drclings to Landerath by followint the kestrel? Kaeldra
Who is taking the dracling to a man she's never met in a place she's never been? Kaeldra
Who has blue eyes? Jeorg
Who did Gar's dog bury its teeth into the soft sholder scales? Synge
Who is a friend to the dragons? Landerath
Who is an ample belled man? Hokarth
Who is the leader of the dragonslayers? Landerath
What is Yani's oldest boy's name? Gar
Who is not what he seems? Landerath
Who is the apothecary? Hokarth
Who was Granmyr moondaft over? Landerath
Who's do was engulfed in fire? Gar
Who has grayning hair, thick black brows and is a tall man? Yanil
What is Gar's father's name? Yanil
Who wants the dragons for their body parts? Hokarth
Who shoved Kaeldra in front of the dais? Hokarth
Who saved Yanil from the dracling's fire? Kaeldra
Created by: doughty