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Refugee Vocabulary

tedious long, repetitive, and dull
dinghy small boat
churlish rude; mean
intimidate to fill with fear
lair the den of a lion or wild animal
avenge to inflict harm as an act of revenge
profusely in a great amount
cringe to crouch in fear or embarrassment
inconsolable not able to be comforted
recoil to quickly back away with horror or disgust
haphazard random; unplanned, or disorganized
immense huge; very large
confer to consult or discuss together
incoherently in a manner not easily understood
beacon a guiding signal or light; a lighthouse
emerge to come into view
chastise to scold or punish
flattered pleased by compliments or attention
wince to tense the body, especially from pain
fragile delicate; easily broken
exert to apply strong effort
vacant empty; unoccupied
audible able to be heard
condolences an expression of sympathy toward one who is suffering from grief or sorrow.
hull the lower part of a ship that floats partially submerged
stampede a rushing crowd of animals or people
oblivious completely unaware (of what is going on)
warily in a watchful manner; on guard against danger
makeshift quickly made as a substitute
elation a feeling of great joy or happiness
promenade a public area on which people walk or stroll for pleasure
paranoid having excessive suspicion about others
indignation strong anger due to something unjust or insulting
inferior of lower value or quality
summoned to be called to appear at a specific place
catatonic appearing to be in a daze; unresponsive
debris the remains of anything destroyed; trash
gaunt extremely thin from hunger or exhaustion
anguish extreme distress from suffering
sheepish feeling or looking embarrassed
beret a soft cap with a close-fitting headband and a round, flat top
radical in favor of drastic or extreme political or social changes
bisected cut or divided into two equal parts
diminutive tiny; small
refrain a phrase that is repeated in a song or poem
squalid filthy and neglected
dissidents persons who disagree with the majority
gawking staring awkwardly or obviously
ominous suggesting an evil or harmful outcome
dubious doubtful; indicating doubt
Created by: larabutler1972