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Unit1: Life Stories

Literature 8

Who is likely to be the main character in a memoir( the protagonist)? the author of the memoir
What type of text is a memoir? expository
As "A Cub Pilot" progresses, the narrator grows increasingly frantic. This is an example of which plot element? rising action
In "A cub Pilot" Mr. Bixby advises the narrator to never let anybody else shake his confidence in himself. This is an example of what plot element? falling action
What is the significance of Angelou's admiration for William Shakespeare? She loves beautiful language and appreciates many kinds of writers.
Think about the events related in" Cub Pilot" and the excerpt from "Barrio Boy." Given these events, which action would the authors of the two memoirs most likely praise? A person works through her doubts to achieve a worthwhile goal.
Twain and Baker lived at different times, yet in some ways the narrators of "A Cub Pilot" a "No Gumption" are alike. Which is a similarity that the two share? Both experience events that test their self-assurance
Which is a main conflict when Douglass is sent to work under Covey? Douglass suffers mental torture a well as physical violence.
When Douglass thinks about escaping, what is one of his main conflicts? Douglass is heartbroken about leaving his fellow slaves.
Douglass believes the underground railroad is no secret, which puts escaping slaves in danger. Which passage supports the inference? I have never approved of the very public manner in which some of our western friends have conducted what they call the underground railroad, but which I think, by their open declarations, has been made most emphatically the upper-ground railroad.
Which is the best example of a complicating incident? Frederick Douglass's mistress refuses to continue his education.
Which of the following is most likely to be shackled? a. a baby b. a hamster c. a car d. a slave
Which is a run-on sentence? a. He book report is due Thursday she hasn't read the book yet. b. her cookies are delicious, so she entered them into the county fair.
Which sentence is in inverted order? a. The mayor of the town lives in that house. b. In the house lives the mayor of the town.
Which conjunction best fixes the run-on sentence? Wayne had climbed the tree, _____ he couldn't get down. a. but b. or
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