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Illustrator DMT 105

A brief studystack over Adobe Illustrator

How do I make a shade of color in Ai? Add Black
How do I adjust the number of sides on a polygon/star? Set them before drawing by double clicking on the tool. Set them while drawing using the up and down arrow keys.
How do I make a tint in illustrator? Make the color a global color and drag on the slider on the color bar. If you want to save that swatch you must drag it to the swatch palette.
Holding down the SHIFT & ALT key while resizing a object does what? Draws from the center.
Three reasons for converting all type to paths? Don't need the font. Manipulate the letter form. Fill with Gradient
What key do I hold down while dragging to duplicate an object? ALT/Option key
Why would you want to hold the shift key down while dragging an object? So that it moves diagonally 45 degrees, vertically 90 degrees, or horizontally 180 degrees.
What is the difference between brushes, symbols nd graphic styles? Brushes get applied to strokes, symbols get sprayed with the symbol sprayer and graphic styles are saved setting for fills and strokes.
How do you set the options for a tool that you want to use in Ai? Double click on tool for options
How do you delete a layer in Ai? Right click and delete or drag to trash.
What file format should you use to save files to place them in ID? .eps, .al
What is the difference between the artboard and the pasteboard in Ai? Artboard is working printing area. Pasteboard is outside the artboard and is the non printing area of the document.
How can I make a blend? Use blend tool and click on two objects.
How do you add a point to a path? Use the pen tool with a "+"plus symbol
How do you unlock guides in Ai? Right click and select unlock guides.
What tool do I use to add and delete handles to point? Convert Anchor point. Click and drag to add and click to remove.
What does a layer clipping mask or a clipping mask do in Ai? Layer clipping mask hides what is underneath or on that layer. Clipping mask hides parts of an object based on the path on top.
How do I move an object to the front or to the back within a layer? OJECT>ARRANGE>BRING TO FRONT/BACK, Forward/backward only goes past 1 item, Front/back goes all the way.
What is the theory behind Bezier curves? Based on math that uses points and handles to determine curves and shapes.
What kind of points on path have two handles? Curve points
What kind of points on path have one handle? Connector points
What kind of points on path do not have handles? Corner points
What does the eyedropper tool do? Puts the clicked on color in the selected object.
When should I use the select tool or the Direct select tool and group select tooland what do they look like? Solid arrow-SELECT TOOL (select everything), Hollow arrow-DIRECT SELECT TOOL(selects only points and segments), Hollow arrow w/plus sign- GROUP SELECTION TOOL(use for selection of whole objects within a group or whole object not just points.
List steps to type on a path. 1. Draw a path/shape 2. Use type on a path tool 3.Click on a path 4. Type * Type can be adjusted on the path by clicking on the path with the selection tool.
How do I add shade to a color? Add black
What is the file extention for native Ai files? .ai
How can I tell if layers are locked in Ai? Layer lock symbol
List advantages of using Ai. Its scalable-make any size because its vector. Save/export in lots of different formats
What is the difference between scissor tool and knife tool in Ai? Scissor tool cuts only on points and knife creates a new on the shape or selection.
Where can you see the vector path in Ai(no fill/strokes)? In VEIW>OUTLINE, CTRL/CMD click on an eyeball to get outline preview for that layer. CTRL + Y
Adjusting handles on a path changes what part of a path? The curve of a path
How do you move something from one layer to another? Drag rectangle icon in layers palette, copy and paste to a new level, Right click and send to a current layer.
What does CTRL/CMD and Dragging do? Clones while dragging and repetes transformation.
Why do you want to hold down shift key when resizing an object? Holds proportions of x and y so object isn't sheared or skewed.
How do I clone something in Ai? Copyand paste infront/back. ALT key while dragging duplicates.
What affects the stacking order of items on a page in Ai? The order that you place them in.
How do you make a new layer in Ai? New layer icon
How do you rename a layer? Double click on it and rename it.
I want to draw a square 1" x 1", how do I do that in Ai? Click on rectangle tool, double click on artboard and type in 1" x 1"
What key allows you to movehandles independently? ALT key
How do you delete a point? By clicking on the point you wish to delete with the pen tool.
How do you make multiple artboards? How do you resize and delete them? When making a new document you can select to make more artboards or you can use artboard tool in the tool tray you may also add and delete them with this artboard tool. Double clicking artboard tool,select, delete
What tool sprays symbols? Symbol sprayer, looks like spray paint can in tool tray.
How do I remove the fill or stroke from an object? By selecting the none tool or selecting object and using shortcut(/).
How do I rotate an object a specific amount in Ai? Double click on Rotate tool.
How do you make a clipping layer mask? How do you make a clipping mask? Layer clipping masks are made by selecting the layer using the icon on the layer panel or the pull out menu, it will hide all items outside the path of the first sublayer. Clipping masks are made under OBJECT>CLIPPING MASK>MAKE
How can I load a new swatch,brush, or graphic style? New icon library
What icon indicates the layer is visible in the layers palette? Eye icon beside layer.
Which has a wider color gamut? Monitor or Printing Press? Digital camera or naked eye? RGB or CMYK? Monitor, Digital Camera, RGB
When drawing with a pen tool, where do you want to put your points and how many of them do you want?. At the peaks or curves with two handles, at the valleys. You want the least amount of points possible.
What does the grabber hand do? What is the shortcut to get it? Moves the page around, H selects tool and spacebar works until released.
What is the theory behind vector drawing in the computer? How is it different than raster? Pixels are raster and mathmatical expressions are vector.
Created by: Rob Baker
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