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sticker star

paper mario sticker star

What is the game show in paper mario sticker star called? Snifit or whiffit!
What is the hardest mini-game called? The special round!!!
Who is the main antagonist? Paper bowser.
Who is the main and secondary protagonist? Paper Mario and Kersti.
Who is the secondary antagonist? Paper Bowser Jr.
How many brothers and sisters does paper Bowser Jr. have? 0 in colour splash he has 7.
How many toads do you help in decalburg? 16 toads.
How much hp are you able to get? 100 hp.
Who makes a sacrifice that helps you beat paper Bowser? Kersti.
How much hp does paper Bowser have? 500 hp.
What unlocks new levels? Comet pieces.
What thing item wakes up wiggler in the forest? The trumpet.
Who is the infamous mini-boss [who uses magic]? Paper Kamek!!
Who is the boss of the desert? Mega-Tower-Power- Pokey.
What do you get on jr.'s aircraft that helps you defeat paper Bowser? Shiny tails.
What is the currency in Paper Mario Sticker Star? Gold paper coins.
What is the main quest of the forest? To recover the paper parts of Wiggler.
What do you use to get to the ICE MOUNTAIN boss? A shy cart.
Who do you wish back with the royal stickers? Kersti.
What is the first "cardboard" item you permanently own? The hammer.
What thing item opens the Rumble Volcano levels? The air conditioner.
What do you need to use to get past bowser jr. on his aircraft? Use a lot of shiny - flashy tails.
What is the first sticker you get in decalburg? A worn-out hammer.
What is the secret sticker you get in decalburg? A hopslipper.[sometimes shiny]
How do you get to petey piranha? Use chain chomps to make your "elevator" go down.
How do you beat petey piranha? Use a shiny infinity jump sticker.
Who is the mini-boss in enigmansion? Bigboo . [paper kamek "created" him]
Where is the air conditioner? Chomp Chomp Ruins. ["second" floor]
Where do you find immense amounts of poison? World 3
Where is kersti found? Stuck on a board.
Warning! we are now entering paper mario TTYD (the old stuff ) so keep up.
Who is your first partner? Goombella.
Who is the captain of the raid on prizma clock? JK this never happened.
How do you get across huge gaps? You get "cursed" by a "demon" and of course curse equals paper airplane.
Who is the final boss? The shadow queen.
What is the first location you visit? Rogue Port.
Is yoshi in either game (PMTTYD or PMSS)? Yes (TTYD)
Where is (baby) yoshi unlocked? Glitz pit.
What is the fastest way the yoshi can possibly be hatched? Using ONLY fright masks.
What is the best move in the game? power jump (with 4 power cards equipped and a glitch to up the jump cap to 11)
what is the weakest move in the game? worn - out hammer (because well ... it's the beginning hammer).
Can you get over 9,999,999 coins ? No (you can't even get that many).
Created by: cma2025000005