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Micro-Test #3

Microbial Control & Destruction-Chapter 6 Pierce

Where are antibodies found? The blood
What is the name for a disease that is constant locally? Endemic
What is another name for pus formation? Pyogenic
What brings on allergy symptoms? Allergen
What inhibits the growth of microbes? Bacteriostatic
What is responsible for boils on the skin? Staph aureus
What is the name of the narrow spectrum antibiotic? Erythromycin
What do microbes need to metabolize? Water
Ultraviolet, infrared and X-rays are considered what type of bacteria killer? Germicides
Another name for contagious is: Communicable
What is the term for an object that is free of all microbes and their spores? Sterile
What is used for the treatment of anaphylaxis? Epinephrine
Do microbes prefer low or high temperatures? Low
What could a patient be diagnosed with if microbes are found in the blood? Septicemia
What is the term for inoculation with a vaccine? Vaccination
What is the name a infection acquired in a hospital? You may see it abbreviated as HAI. Nosocomial
What is the best method of microbe destruction? Heat
What type of infection is caused by normal flora? Intrinsic
What is the term for a substance which induces the formation of antibodies? Antigen
What is the term for a protein substance developed by the body in response to the presence of an antigen? Antibody
What is the name of an antibody capable of neutralizing a specific toxin? Antitoxin
What is the process of rendering a patient immune? Immunization
Redness, Heat, Swelling, and Pain are the 4 signs of what? Inflammation
What is the name for a toxin treated so as to destroy its toxicity, but still capable of inducing formation of antibodies on injection? Toxoid
Intact skin, mucous membranes, gastric secretions, tears, cerumen, saliva, and normal flora are part of the bodies _____line of defense. 1st
Phagocytes, serum proteins and interferon are part of the bodies_____ line of defense. 2nd
Antibodies are the bodies _____line of defense. 3rd
Are b-cells involved in the cell-mediated response? No
Which type of immunity is programmed into one's genetic makeup? Genetic Inborn Immunity
What type of immunity is created when a person is vaccinated? Artificially acquired active immunity
An individual contracts a disease, and produces their own antibodies and antigens, their immunity is long-term. What type of immunity is this? Naturally acquired active immunity
What kind of immunity involves the use of antibodies? It can be naturally acquired or artificially acquired and can also be active or passive. Acquired
What type of pH do the majority of microbes prefer? Neutral pH of 7
What is the term for an abnormal hypersensitivity by an individual to one or more substances? Allergy
The ability of a microorganism to resist destruction by microbial therapy is called what? Antibiotic Resistance
What is the name of bacterial toxins which are liberated only when the bacterial cell is destroyed? Endotoxins
What is the name for the bacterial toxins which diffuse from bacterial cells into surrounding medium Exotoxins
When something is not susceptible or responsive to a disease or having a high degree of resistance to a disease it mean that it is ______________to that disease. Immune
A science that deals with the occurrence and causes of immunity is called: Immunology
The bodies non-specific reaction to an injury or infection that causes redness, heat, swelling, and pain is called? Inflammation
What type of pressure is developed when the pressure within the cell equals the solution pressure outside of the cell? Osmotic
What is the term for a droplet of moisture that is small enough to remain suspended in the air and can carry microbes with it? Aerosol Droplet
Pollen, Cats, Insects, Foods, Grass, etc. are examples of what? Allergens
What does it mean when a vaccine has been made less virulent? Attenuated
The reaction of the body to a foreign substance or substance interpreted as foreign is called what? Immune Response
An antiviral protein produced by cells infected with a virus and by T cell lymphocytes is called? Interferon
What consists of T and B cells, these are white blood cells that help with immunity? Lymphocytes
What type of white blood cells are responsible for engulfing foreign particles? Macrophage
What is the act of a cell engulfing a foreign particle? Phagocytosis
What are a suspension of infectious agents given to establish resistance to an infectious disease? Vaccine
Localize infection, Prevent the spread of pathogens, Destroy Pathogens and heal & repair damaged tissue are the purposes of what? Inflammation
What type of immune response is the bone-marrow production of T cells? Cell- Mediated
True or False. T & B cells are involved in Cell-mediated immune response? False. Only T cells are involved
What type of immune response may produce immunity or hypersensitivity, memory B cells stand guard ready to initiate the production of antibodies if the antigen is reintroduced. Humoral
What is the resistance to infection after the antigen has penetrated the skin? Immunity
This occurs when one's immune system goes away and produces antibodies to its own tissues, destroying them? Autoimmunity
What are the most reliable methods of destruction of microbes? Heat, Moisture, and Steam
Cold temperatures cause what kind of effect on bacteria? Bacteriostatic
What inhibits the growth of bacteria? Bacteriostatic
What is the term for the destruction of bacteria? Bacteriocidal
How small can the particles be that can be removed by HEPA filters? 0.3 um
What type of filters are utilized in the OR? HEPA
What is another name for chemotherapeutic agents? Antineoplastic
Most chemotherapeutic agents are derived from what? Fungi
What type of bacteria causes boils? Staphlococcus aureus
Created by: lmlayton
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