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Term Definitions SDD

Bloom Taxonomy Knowing: Definitions

What is Software Piracy? The illegal use of property, in relation to distribution and copying of something.
True or False? Intellectual property is the fruits of mental labour. True
What is Plagiarism? Copying something without permission from the original owner/creator.
Shareware and Freeware. What's the difference? Freeware must be distributed freely. Shareware does not have to be free, but it falls under copyright.
Public domain. What is it? Public domain software has had its ownership revoked by the owner, meaning the public has free access to it.
What's copyright law? Legal documentations of rules in regards to the plagiarism or other copying of software, as well as intellectual property.
True or False? Reverse engineering is when you build something in reverse. False, it's when you deconstruct something to see how it works.
Decompilation. Define it. The act of converting machine code into higher-level code, allowing the computer to easily interpret it.
What kind of thing is network use? Network use can be measured by software, and it pretty much details how much data a network is sending and receiving.
Created by: antkov