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Photo 1

Review Materials

How many elements of design do we discuss in this class? 7
Why is it important to be able to analyze the Principles of Design in Photography So you can understand how to identify and incorporate the Principals of Design in your own work
We use the Principles and Elements of design to use_____ thinking skills to describe an image Critical
What is one thing that would not be considered proper handling of a digital camera? Not replacing the lens cap
Additive color system is used for what medium? Digital formats such as computers and smart phones
Subtractive color system is what? CMYK
What are two of the main color systems we use? Additive, subtractive
A_____ file is a very large working file created in Photoshop PSD
Why would you want to use JPG format in your camera? If you were a sports or nature photographer, if you wanted compressed files, if you needed more space
What is the proper format for saving files to be submitted in this class? LastnameFirstname_project.jpg
Lightroom is a _____ ______ system Where photoshop is a image editor Photo management
Textures are best seen With light hitting the object from the side
Photography is The science and art application and practice of creating curable images by recording light
the use of only one color on the color wheel is called monochromatic
Analogous colors are colors that are? Groups of three colors that are next to each other sharing a common color
A _____ curve is considered the most beautiful of the leading lines in Art and Photography "S"
Patterns in photography are considered any elements that are Repeated
It is often good to look at an image with a different____. There may be a more pleasing and interesting composition you need to look for Point of View
What does the rule of thirds suggest? Composing your subject on one of the intersections of an imaginary tic-tac-toe grid
How many pixels are in 1 megapixel? 1 million
what does resolution mean in te context of digital photography? more megapixels inn your camera means a sharper image
Resolution in a digital image is measured int terms of what? Pixels per inch (ppi) at output
which file format is generally supported by just about any software that allows your to work with digital images? JPG
what is an advantage of shooting in Jpg format Files are accepted by most software, files sizes are small, files are compatible with the internet
What is a disadvantage to shooting Jpg files Files are compressed and edited in the camera
Which file format does not compress the image at capture? Raw
What does cropping accomplish? Reducing the size of your image, discarding pixels, getting rid of unwanted elements
Using the color wheel of additive color (light) what is the complement of red? Green
what are the primary colors of white light? Red green blue
What direction of light is good for enhancing the texture of an object? Low slanting light form the side
What National Park did Ansel Adams frequently photography? Yosemite National park
What does the crop tool do? you can use the crop tool to trim, scale, or straighten an image.
What does resolution mean? the number of pixels that describe an image and establish its detail.
What tools can you use to remove blemishes in an image? Healing brush, Spot Healing brush, patch tool, clone stamp tool
What is (are) the advantages of using layers? They let you move and edit different parts of an image as discrete objects. You can also hide layers as you work on other layers
When you create a new layer where does it appear in the Layers panel stack? always appears directly above the active layer
When reading a histogram and the peaks are all to the right what will you image look like? Overexposed.
After displaying the rulers how can you change the unit of measurement? right click on the rulers
In what two areas can you reset a work space that has been configured poorly? window>workspace>reset workspace name
What is the simplest way to assess and cull recently imported photos in to Lightroom Using the Pick and Reject flags
How can you make an image on one layer appear in front of an image on another layer by dragging the layers in the layers panel up and down to change their stacking order
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