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Final Exam Chapters 1-5

Who sets accreditation healthcare standards? CAAHEP
What is the definition for failure to do what is expected? Negligence
What removes waste anesthesia gases? Scavenger
What type of medications are not given to newborns? Sulfonamides
When did surgical technologist begin? WWII
Who initiates a law suit? Plaintiff
What is the definition for standards for professionals? Ethics
What position is the Wilson frame used for? Prone
Who is the accrediting body for Surgical Technologist? ARCSTSA
Who is the certifying body? NBSTSA
What is slander or libel against another person? Defamation
What is responsible for reactions to rubber items? IGe
Who is the RN membership organization? AORN
What is the name of the smoke generated by lasers? Plume
How many feet are you required to be away from x-ray? six
What type of surgery doesn't have to be done right away? Elective
What type of surgery has to be done right away? Emergent
What type of surgery has to be done within a short period of time? Urgent
Who established and early scientific mindset of comparative anatomy? Aristotle
Who was the greatest surgeon of the 16th century; began to ligate arteries after amputation; stopped cauterizing with hot irons and oil. Pare
Who was the father of microbiology, virology and immunology? Louis Pasteur
Who developed meticulous closure of wounds? William Halstead
Who developed the X-ray machine? Roentgen
Who developed the technique for antiseptic surgery? Joseph Lister
What is the definition for the time before the incision is made? This will be when you are gathering supplies and the doctor is marking the incision site. Preoperative
What is the definition for the time after the incision is made. This is when the surgery is taking place. Intraoperative
What is the definition for the time after the surgery. This is when the incision is closed and the "turn over" is taking place. Postoperative
What is the definition for Preoperative, Intraoperative, and postoperative? Perioperative
The anesthesia care provider and the circulator are considered to be what type of team members? Non-sterile
The surgeon, first scrub and first assist are considered to be what type of team members? Sterile
The sender, message, receiver, and feedback are the four components of what? Communication
Competing, Accommodating, Avoiding, Collaborating, and Compromising are the 5 stages of what? Conflict Resolution
What is a collection of private-practice donors, labs, patient care facilities, and hospitals that contract with insurance companies and receive an agreed set rate for their services? PPO
What is a collection of hospitals, health professionals, and doctors who work for a set fee, may require the patients to use primary care physicians for all referrals? HMO
What organization reviews surgical technology education programs to determine adherence to the CAAHEP standards in education as well as the AST core curriculum in surgical technology? ARC/STSA
What professional association represents central sterile supply technicians and advances in central sterile supply? IAHCSMM
What is a professional misconduct that results in harm to another? Malpractice
What is a tort? Civil Wrong
A ________ tort is a willful and violates the civil rights of a patient. Intentional
A________tort is professional negligence Unintentional
Who are sentenial events reported to? Risk Management
What is the name of an event such as a fall, medication mix up, loss of a specimen, etc? Sentenial
What is the term for standards of conduct for a group of professionals? Code of Ethics
What doctrine states that the person who is controlling or directing the employee has a greater responsibility than the one who is paying the employee? Borrowed Servant
Define res ipsa loquitor. The thing speaks for itself.
What doctrine is a healthcare institution may be found negligent for failing to ensure that an acceptable level of patient care was provided? Corporate Negligence
What type of stress is a positive/desirable form of stress? Eustress
What type of stress is the most common and has negative implications? Distress
What is sister callista roy known for? Roy Adaptation Model/Coping Mechanisms
What is Elizabeth Kubler Ross know for? Five Stage of Grief
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance are all stages of what? Grief
Denial, Rationalization, Regression, and Repression are the 4 parts of what? Adaptation Model
What Act was passed in 1990 and requires medical facilities to inform patients of their right to choose the type and extent of their medical care? Patient Self Determination Act
What is the name for the mode of human development? Maslow's Hierarchy
If the heart is predicted to cease function within 90 minutes after being removed from life support this is called? DCD Donation after Cardiac Death
What is the major cause of serious trauma to pediatric patients? MVA's
What trauma level has two or more trauma ORs and has 24-hr OR services? Level 1
What trauma level treats severely injured, and has no level one resources? Level 2
What trauma level offered limited care? Level 3
What trauma level provides advanced trauma life support stabilizes patients to get them to a lower level trauma center? Level 4
Deceleration, Acceleration, Compression, and shearing are what types of injuries? Blunt Trauma
What temperature range should the OR be? 68-73F
What 3 things are needed in order to protect yourself from radiation exposure? Time, Shielding, Distance
What is the name of the test that diagnoses a latex allergy? RAST/Immunoassay
What does PEP stand for? Post Exposure Prophylaxis
What head fixation device attaches to the OR table used frequently with craniotomy procedures? May field Headrest
What does Pass stand for? Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep
what is the classification for different departments in a facility? Allied Health
What is the name for a set of responsibilities? Role
Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjouring are the 5 stages of what? Group Development
What fire extinguisher has pressurized H20 and is used to put out wood, paper, or textiles? Class A
What fire extinguisher has CO2 and is used to put out dry chemicals? Class B
What fire extinguisher uses Halon and is used to put out laser fires? Class C
What is the name for an irreversible death? Whole-Brain Death
What is the name for the death that the lower brain stem functions and the patient maintains respiration, HR, and BP? Higher-Brain Death
What does DCD stand for? Donation after Cardiac Death
A living will, POA, DNR/DNI are all examples of what? Advance Directives
Who sets organ procurement protocols? Title XI-Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
What is the definition for the stopping of blood flow? Hemostasis
What is the definition for the balance of the body systems/functions? Homeostasis
Created by: lmlayton
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