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unit 6 vocab

kerboodle higher unit 6 vocab

accueillir to welcome
alimentaire dietary
apporter to bring
assez quite
autour around
avoir les moyens to be able to afford
comprendre to understand
demuni(e) in need
dur(e) hard
l'eau potable drinking water
essayer de to try
j'aimerais I would like
je voudrais I would like
a mi-temps part-time
le monde world
la nourriture food
pauvre food
a plein-temps full-time
propager to spread
le repas meal
soigner to care for
travailler to work
triste sad
voyager to travel
a cause de because of
basculer to turn for the worse
le chomeur unemployed people
comprehensif understanding
deprime(e) depressed
la dette debt
la facture bill
grace a thanks to
heureusement fortunately
il y a [+amount of time] [amount of time] ago
livrer to deliver
le logement accommodation
le loyer rent
malheureusement unfortunately
s'occuper de to deal with
prendre le controle to lose control
les personnes defavorisees disadvantaged people
la publicite advertising
renoncer to give (something) up
le sans-abri homeless person
le seuil de pauvrete poverty line
seul(e) alone
le soutien support
le travail work
accro addicted/hooked
avoir confiance en soi to be confident
avoir peur de to be scared of
dependant(e) addicted
devinir to become
se detendre to relax
les devoirs homework
dormir to sleep
la drogue drug
se droguer to take drugs
s'entrainer to train
etre a l'aise to be comfortable
faire attention a to be careful of
fumer to smoke
l'habitude habit
l'odeur smell
perdre du poids to lose weight
plaire to please
le poumon lung
se relaxer to relax
la respiration breathing
le sommeil sleep
stresse(e) stressed
le tabac smoking/tobacco
l'alcoolique alcoholic
arreter to stop
avertir to warn
avoir sommeil to be tired
le casse-croute snack
le coeur heart
la consommation consumption
consommer to consume
le corps body
la crise cardiaque heart attack
degoutant(e) disgusting
desintoxiquer to detox
eliminer to eliminate
s'enivrer to get drunk
l'enquete survey
epuiser to exhaust
essouffle(e) breathless
faire un regime to go on a diet
fatique(e) tired
le foie liver
hors d'haleine out of breath
s'inscrire to sign up for
le mode de vie lifestyle
monter to go up
la nourriture bio organic food
oublier to forget
la peau skin
respirer to breathe
le souffle breath
le tabagisme (addiction to) smoking
tousser to cough
le/la toxicomane drug addict
les toxins nocives harmful toxins
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