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BTT 101- Word

What is needed to know for word. Not including definitions

What tab/ ribbon and icon would you use to select to enter the date and time into your document? Insert tab/ ribbon. then click 'date and time'
What is the purpose of a page break? Used when you want to add a new page to your document
What tab/ ribbon and icon would you select to use insert page numbering? insert tab/ ribbon. then click page numbering
What are the steps to format long quotations? Separate quote from the paragraph. Remove quotation marks. Place cursor in the long route and move the left indent marker to 1" and the right indent marker to 5.5"
What is the format that we use to prepare a business letter? Full block, 2- point punctuation
What is the section of the business letter is usually on preprinted paper? letterhead
top margin of a business letter is changed to what 2"
Full address of the person or company we are sending the letter to is called what Inside address
Opening greeting to the person or company named in the inside address is called what? salutation
where will a colon appear on a business letter? salutation
In the body of the business letter paragraphs are separated bye how many enter? 2
what is the farewell or goodbye of the letter called? Complimentary closing
How many times do you hit enter to create a blank area for your signature? 5 times
What is the purpose of the left tab marker text is left aligned at the tab stop
what is the purpose of the centre tab marker text is entered at the tab stop. a centre tab can force centerings anywhere in the line
what is the purpose for right tab marker text is right aligned and at the tab stop
What is the purpose for decimal tab marker text is aligned at the decimal point. this is useful when you need to line up a series of numbers with decimals. (ex. money)
What are dot leaders? when you click tab
What tab/ ribbon do you use to add in Clip art, shapes, text boxes, word art and smart art? insert
what tab/ ribbon do you use to add page borders? Design
what tab/ ribbon do you use to create a column layout
Created by: caitlynkummer