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Rica topics.

INDRD Independent reading
PA Phonological awareness/ phonemic awareness
CAP Concepts about print
LR Letter recognition
PHSW Phonics and sight words
SYST Syllabic and structural analysis
SPL Orthographic knowledge/ Spelling
FL Fluency
VOACBK Vocabulary, academic language, background knowledge
COANY Comprehension any text
CONAR Comprehension: narrative , literary text
COEXP Comprehension: expository / information text
Phonological awareness Knowledge that oral English is composed of smaller units
Phonemic awareness Subcategory of phonological awareness. The ability to distinguish the separate phonemes or sounds in spoken word.
4 concepts about print. Awareness of spoken word and written word carry meaning Letter, word, sentence representation Directionality of print and ability to follow along. Book handling skills. Book orientation.
Phonics Reading instruction to help decode words. Ex. C makes a c sound and k sound or ph makes a f sound
Sight words Words that are memorized / high frequency words/ irregular spelling words ex. as the of
Syllabic analysis Analyzing syllables
Structural analysis Identifying words through prefixes, suffixes, root words Morphemic analysis
Orthographic knowledge. synonym for spelling. What a person knows about how to spell
Fluency Reading with accuracy
Background knowledge. All that a person knows about a topic
Expository text Texts that gives info instead of story
Narrative text Text that tells a story
Created by: Aaronmcbrearty