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cathedral Large important church
clergy The body of people such as church or priest.
excommunicate Deprive someone of the member of the church
monasticism A way of living in which men and women devote themselves to their faith
monk Someone who devotes their life to pray
nun A women who has devoted their live to praying
persecute A person who suffers because of their beliefs
pilgrimage A journey to a holy site
monastery A community of monks
rhetoric A study of persuasive writing and speaking
sacrament A solemn rite of christian churches
university A school of advanced learning
theology theology
apprentice a beginning worker
architect a designer of buildings
banking the business of operating a bank, in which money is kept, exchanged, and loaned
barbarian a person who belongs to a tribe or clan that is wild and unrefined
bishop a high-ranking official of the Roman Catholic Church
charter a written agreement giving certain rights or privileges
chivalry the code of conduct by which knights were supposed to live
Crusade any of the military expeditions that European Christians made during the Middle Ages to capture Jerusalem from the Muslims
crusader a person who joined the Crusades
Dark Ages period in European history from about 500 to 1000.
demand (n) the desire for something; (v) to ask or require something
divine right the idea that monarchs get their authority from God
excommunicate to expel someone from membership in the Roman Catholic Church
feudalism the political and economic system in Europe during the Middle Ages, based on the relationship of a lord and vassals
friar a member of a religious order who owns no personal property
guild an organization of the Middle Ages made up of people working in the same occupation
invasion an attack into another nation’s territory
knight a soldier in the Middle Ages who served a king or lord
lord a person of high rank; in the feudal system, the proprietor of a manor or an estate
Magna Carta the English document that limited the power of the king and protected rights of the noble
manor a large farm or estate
merchant a person who buys and sells goods
Middle Ages: the period in Europe from about 500–1500
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