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Roone Arledge He made sports fun and entertaining. and he worked for ABC started monday night football.
Marketing is the process of planning pricing promotion, distrubution , of a product.
Billy Veeck wanted to put entertainment into the game. wanted the team to get crowds to come even if the team is garbage.
sponsorship is aquireing rights with an event, for the purpose of deriving the benifit for an orgonization. (1852)
Spalding came up with the term official. turned his name into sports goods,(official apparrell of the NFL is REEBOK)
Mark McCormack started athletes endorement deals(IMG company)He did it with Arnold Palmer.
Fan identification is when fans become emotionally connected to the team "were going to the Ship"
Matt Levine credited for market research in the sports
focus group get small group that has predetermined sports topics(asking to take part in taste test ex)
Pass by interviews interviews in heavy traffic areas.
what is the marketing mix the conrolled varibles a company puts together to satisfy a target group
Functions Product, place, promotion, price
Target Market the people they are trying to reach with a new product.
Mass Marketing When a organization markets to everyone, not smart.
Segmentaion Identifying the sub groups, surveys, questionair, grouping based on
Demographics age,money made ethnicities
Psychographics Stats such as preferences or behavior
Geographical Stats based on where they live region or zip codes
Personal Selling direct contact, face-to-face presentation; seller persuades buyer
Advertising one way communication; pay to promote products Ethnic Marketing Focus on Hispanics through radio broadcasts and web sites in Spanish (ESPN Deportes) Generational Marketing
Publicity Media exposure that’s free; Disadvantage: one has no control over what is written.
Sales Promotion special activities to increase sales; includes a customer incentive or gimmick.
Ethnic Marketing Focus on Hispanics through radio broadcasts and web sites in Spanish (ESPN Deportes)
Mainstream products made at a manufacturing site then shipped to a location where customers can buy them.
sports event produced distributed and produce no shelf life.
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