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Reading Vocabulary

Hale Hearty, strong
Blithe Happy
Quoth Said
Fee Wealth, possession
Factotum A person employed to do all kinds of work
Indispensable Absolutely necessary
Perpetually Continually
Centiped An insect with a great number of legs
Economize To save
Dispatch Diligence, haste
Penstock A wooden tube for conducting water
Chores The light household work of the household eiather indoors or putdoors
Qualities Traits of character
Meddling Interfering without right
Forthwith At once
Amiss Wrong, faulty
Woeful Sad, ssorrowful
Tingling Smarting
Refrain To keep from
Immense Very Great
Majesty Statliness, elevation of manner
Dignity Grace, loftiest of manner
Title Name
Solitary Living by oneself
Crags Steep, rughed rocks
Base Foot, bottom
Plumes Feathers
Talons Claws
Eyrie The nest a bird builds in a lofty place
Ledge A ridge or projection
Rook A bird resembling a crow but smaller
Reared Brought up
Eaglets Young eagles
Century The space of a hundred years
Gigantic Very large
Dimensions Size
Sublime Grand, noble
Disperse Scattered
Unveiling Useless
Clamorous Loud, noisy
Indecision Want of fixed purpose
Momentary For a single moment
Circuit Movement round in a circle
Exhausted Wholly tired out
Nesting Young birds in the nest
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