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NAQT - Rivers

NAQT You Gotta Know - Rivers

Longest river in China and Asia, 3rd longest in the world, empties into South China Sea, construction of the Three Gorges Dam (largest in world) is being built on this river Yangtze (Chang Jiang)
River that runs 1,800 miles from its source in the Tibetan Himalayas, forms with Ganges to to form world largest delta Brahmaputra
3,400 mile long river; China's second-longest; Name comes from extraordinary amount of loess (average of 57 pounds per cubic yard); Grand Canal connects it to Yangtze Yellow River (Huang He)
The holiest river of Hinduism; flows into Bay of Bengal; Extremely polluted Ganges
Chief river of Southeast Asia, forms much of the Laos-Thailand border, enters South China Sea in southern Vietnam Mekong River
River that formed the eastern border of Mesopotamia, that was the home of the ancient Sumer and Akkad. Tigris
Defines the western border of Mesopotamia; home to Fallujah and Babylon; Longer of the 2 rivers Euphrates
Chief river of Myanmar, one of the most important rice-growing regions Irrawaddy
Namesake river of India, harbored one of the world's earliest civilizations (Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa) Indus River
Rises in Syria and flows into Lake Merom through the Sea of Galilee, and into the Dead Sea. Jordan River
Created by: LeviD