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Offset press BHS

Offset Press

Blanket A fabric placed around the blanket cylinder of the press. It receives the inked image from the plate cylinder.
Blanket cylinder A cylinder of the press which holds the blanket.
Bleed Any printed material which runs off the edge of the page.
Chain delivery Positive control of each sheet as it is placed in delivery position
Color separation Separating artwork of colored prints or transparencies into three or four process colors
Continuous tone copy A full range of tones from white to black. A black and white photograph is one example.
Crop marks Marks placed on the image (photograph or illustration) telling the printer what portion is to be printed.
Cylinders Drum found on the press to support the plate, blanket and the printing stock white it is being printed.
Dampeners Rollers distribute moisture to the plate
Dampening solution Solution which keeps the non-image area of the plate clean
Densitometer An instrument that measures densities of film
Density A very dense area will not allow light to pass through or reflect light from it, while a light area will allow more light to through or reflect from its surface.
Developer A chemical solution which creates an image on a piece of film after the film is exposed to the light.
Developing Preparing the image carrier (printing plate)
Distributor roller Rollers between the fountain roller and the form roller.
Dots Small to large clear areas in a negative or positive made by contact screen.
Ductor roller In the offset inking system, a roller which alernatelv contacts the fountain roller and a distribution roller.
Dummy As it will appear after printing ; a sample specification.
Duplicator A small printing machine
Feeder A section of the press which delivers a sheet to be printed.
Flat A material which supports the film negative or positive
Form rollers Ink roller which re-inks the plate
Fountain solution Water-acid mixture which covers the non image area while printing.
Gripper Devices on the impression cylinder which holds the sheet while its being printed
Gripper edge The leading edge or first part of a sheet to go through the press.
Gum Liquid placed on the surface of the image carrier to protect it when its not being ran.
Halftone A photograph broken up into a variety of dot sizes which gives a graduation of tones.
Impression Placing an image on stock, such as paper.
Impression Cylinder Holds and presses the sheet against the blanket cylinder of the press
INK The material, which comes in many colors, that adheres to the image area of the press.
Ink fountain ink supply area on the press.
Ink rollers Supply ink to the image area of the image carrier.
Lithography Printing from a flat surface; based on the principle that oil and water do not mix.
Masking sheets Stock which will filter out ultraviolet rays to which negatives and positives are attached
Masking tape A light blocking tape used to attach negatives or positives to the masking sheet.
Offset lithography Printing from a flat surface using the transfer image process; based on the principle that water and oil do not mix.
Opaquing Painting out an area so that light cannot pass through.
Padding Gluing one edge of stacked sheets together, used for making scratch pads.
Plateband Space needed to attach the plate to the cylinder.
Press The unit which prints a printed product.
Proof A copy of the final material which is checked against the original.
Register Accurate positioning of material so that it will line up with another.
Register marks Symbols used to line up one image with another.
Register pins Pins which hold the plate flat in exact position while burning plate
Signature Large sheet of paper, containing several pages, folded down to size of single page.