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Who parked there car on my sandwich i did *explodes*
Oh no i spilt my milk oh no we are all going to die *drowns in milk puddle*
Finally my time machine worked *get stomped on by dilophoasaurus* i am a Stego saurus
we did it we did it we snuck in through the door there are 44 dead bodies on the floor
*comes out of body* oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
hover323 Vs king_ooff
Hover323 Vs caden943
Donald trump Vs Goldfish
Tyranatar Vs wortotle
qwigtfn67qk weeeuklkwai
illinios springfeild
Ohio Columbus
California Orgeon
some kid prodigy
stego saurus afsd movies
can i have a cupcake? what the magic word?!?! nevermind i dont want to say the magic word
why not me because we didnt want a retard to die
your about to get punched in the face but it's opposite day
your going to die where all going to die
a____flew around my room before you can potatoe
stop it get a hairstylist to do your awful hair
baby baby babyyyy oof oh baby baby baby
jimmy take out the dog yes mother*shoots dog*for a walk jimmy
*shoots dear* this would be great for my dinner *dives home**cooks meat*soo what are we having for dinner
jimmy play with your friend yes mother*mom walks in on them in bed*you said have fun
oh boy do i love killing my friends in this roblox obby
i need to be nice you need friends,a life,a shower,and money we are now equal