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Drawing a still-life

Still life an artwork showing an arrangement of objects that cannot move on their own, such as fruit, foods, bottles, books, or cut flowers
proportion – the relation of the parts of an artwork to each other and to the whole; it is a principle of design.
constrast – the difference between two unlike things, such as a light color and a dark color
overlapping – partly or completely covering one shape or form with another to show space and distance in an artwork.
space the area around, above, between, inside, or below objects. Positive space is the area occupied by an object. Negative space is the empty area surrounding an object; space is an element of art.
depth of space the use of the techniques of perspective (closer objects are larger, those in the back look smaller) and overlapping to show deep space on a two-dimensional plane.
2d vs. 3d – two dimensional is flat, like an artwork on a piece of paper; three dimensional is not flat, it takes up actual space, like a sculpture.
composition – the plan, placement, or arrangement of the elements of art in an artwork
texture – the way something feels to the touch (actual texture) or how it may look (visual texture); texture is an element of art.
value the lightness or darkness of a color; value is an element of art.
technique the way an artist uses and applies art media and tools to create a certain type of artwork
blending a shading technique that changes the value of a color little by little without hard edges
hatching a shading technique using this parallel lines; far apart is light value, close together is dark value.
cross-hatching a shading technique using lines that cross each other; far apart is light value, close together is dark value.
strippling – a shading technique creating dark values by applying a dot pattern close together, light values with dot pattern further apart
emphasis importance given to certain objects or areas in an artwork; color, texture, shape, space, placement, and size can be used to create dominance, contrast, or a focal point; emphasis is a principle of design.
focal point a way to show emphasis in an artwork in which the artist sets an element apart from the others to create a visual center of interest
unity the quality of seeming whole and complete, when all the parts of an artwork look right together; unity is a principle of design
realistic – a style representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life.
abstract – a style representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life.
mood – the feeling or emotion created in an artwork through the artist’s use of the elements of art and principles of design. For example, warm colors may suggest a lively, sunny mood; cool colors may suggest a peaceful or lonely mood; dark colors may suggest
Created by: Izu28