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Tonify Yin

Single Herbs C

Yin Tonics... Are cooling, good for heat, moistening, generate fluids
T for Yin Tonic: dry, cracked, no coat, thing, long
P for Yin Tonic: think, weak, floating(yang rising), or deep, thready, wiry
When KD/ LV are affected this is the... deep level
When LU / ST are affected this is the... superficial level
Symptoms for Yin Tonics: Anxiety, dry skin / lips/vagina, constipation, insomnia, menopause, psoriasis, muscle / bone weakness, low sperm count
Yin xu is cz by... diet, chronic illness, febrile Dz, overexercise, stress, living in hot climates, alcohol
Symptoms of Yin Xu w/ heat tidal fevers, hot flashes, 5 sole heat, dry stools, rapid P, redness of skin / cheeks, T=bright red w/ no coat, sore throat in evening. spermatorrhea, night sweats, T=papillae
* Bei Sha Shen - Glehnia LU dryness, thirst, constip, LV/KD acid Reflux, hot LV, good after Febrile Dz
* Nan Sha Shen - Adenophora Phlegm in LU, dry sputum, hard to expectorate, ***stronger than Bei Sha Shen, helps ST and body fluids
*** Mai Men Dong - Ophiopogon japonica dry mouth, cough, skin, lips, Yin Xu heat, ST yin xu --> hunger, hiccups, fatigue, diabetes, ***HT --> insomnia, panic attacks, disturbed shen
** Tian Men Dong - Asparagus cochinchinensis. VERY COLD, **not for simultaneous yin and yang xu, Treats Fire, treats Shen, fever, blood streaked sputum, febrile Dz, good for skin, TB --> txt and prevent, Promotes LU health, purify LU, improve KD yin, opens HT (emotional)
*1/2 Shi Hu - Deudrobium nobile. Works most rapidly in a couple of days, honeymooner's tea, UTI, heat and dryness, nourishes ST & generates body fluids, Builds Yin energies not fluids, back pain , rapid energy, relieves exhaustion
* Yu Zhu - Polygonatum odoratum. LU-ST, hunger, pain, dry mouth, cough, put in soup
** Huang Jing - Polygonatum sibiricum. Not in DAMP, builds blood, moistens LU, Good for kids, xiao Ke, gray hair, Great for VERY tired, pale complexion, VERY strong herb take 1 week to 1 month.
* Bai He - Lillium brownii. LU throat tonic, HT palp, Shen, absentmindedness, dark urine, NOT in DAMP
** Gou Qi Zi - Lycium chinensis. Tonify Blood and Yin, Good for eyes, insomnia, asst. to tonify LV and KD blood / yin, LU- dry type cough
* Sang Shen Zi - Morus alba. Tonfies yin & blood, LV/KD yin and blood xu, anemia, dizziness, generates body fluid, thirst w/ heat and/or fatigue, constipation due to dryness
*** Han Lian Cao - Eclipta prostrate. *** usually paired w/ Nu Zhen Zi, Nourish Yin and KD, eyes, bones, yin xu w/ heat, ***cools the blood and stops bleeding, dysentery
*** Nu Zhen Zi - Ligustrum lucidum. Tonifies LV/ KD, yin and Jing xu, good for yin xu heat w/ hot flashes, steaming bone, eye sight (due to xs or xu) TB, lymph nodes
*** Bie JIa - clears yin xu heat, low grade afternoon fever, steaming bone, nightsweats, weight loss, cough and fatigue, TB w/ consumptive cough, softens masses and nodules, yin and blood failing to nourish Chong and Ren, chronic malarial dz, not in preg . sp qi xu
* Hei Zhi Ma - Sesamum indicum. NEUTRAL temp, tonifies jing and blood, premature grey hair, improves lactation, moistens dryness / intestines, good in food, not in diarrhea
* Bai Mu Er - Woodear Mushroom. Nourish ST yin & Generate Body fluids, emaciation w/ 5 sole heat, nourish LU yin, dryness
*** Gui Ban - Chinemys reeveseii nourish yin and anchor yang, LV yin xu w/ fire blazing, LV yin xu w/ wind -> tremor, paralysis, rigidity, heat signs, KD yin and jing, strengthen bones, nourish blood and tonify HT - shen, palp, anxiety, stop bleeding -> uterine
** Huang Jing - Polygonatum odoratum Build Blood, Moisten LU, Good for ->kids, xiao ke, gray hair, poor app. ** NOT in damp, For REALLY tired people - very strong herb
Created by: bizziegold