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MIT French 4 Ch. 7

Future, conditional, and its uses

infinitive + ai Future regular - je
infinitive + as Future regular - tu
infinitive + a Future regular - il / elle
infinitive + ons Future regular - nous
infinitive + ez Future regular - vous
infinitive + ent Future regular - ils / elles
ir- Future stem - aller
aur- Future stem - avoir
courr- Future stem - courir
devr- Future stem - devoir
enverr- Future stem - envoyer
ser- Future stem - etre
fer- Future stem - faire
faudr- Future stem - falloir
mourr- Future stem - mourir
pleuvr- Future stem - pleuvoir
pourr- Future stem - pouvoir
recevr- Future stem - recevoir
saur- Future stem - savoir
tiendr- Future stem - tenir
vaudr- Future stem - valoir
viendr- Future stem - venir
verr- Future stem - voir
voudr- Future stem - vouloir
quand (future) when (word or question)...
lorsque (future) when / at the time of...
aussitot que (future) as soon as (less common)...
des que (future) as soon as...
apres que (future) after...
future auxilary avoir / etre + past participle of verb. futur anterieur composition
will have + past participle (in french) - action taken place before another action in future - apres que is most frequent futur perfect composition
if ____(present), then ____ (present, future, imperative) 'si' present clause
when / as soon as ____ (future), then _____ (future, imperative, future perfect) 'quand', 'lorsque,' 'des que'
as soon as__-_ (future perfect), then _____ (future, imperative) 'aussitot que
after _____ (future perfect), then ____ (future, imperative) 'apres que'
if ____ (imperfect), then _____ (conditional) 'si' imperfect clause
bien que / quoique (subjunctive - hypothesis) although
a moins que (subjunctive - possible / real restriction) unless
sans que (subjunctive - possible / real restriction) without
pourvu que (subjunctive - condition not reality yet) provided that
a condition que (subjunctive - condition not reality yet) on the condition that
pour que / afin que (subjunctive - goal) in order that / so that
de peur que / de crainte de (subjunctive - goal) for fear that
avant que (subjunctive - time) before
jusqu'a ce que (subjunctive - time) until
en attendant que (subjunctive - time) waiting for
ils conjugation - ent + e Subjunctive regular - je
ils conjugation - ent + es Subjunctive regular - tu
ils conjugation - ent + e Subjunctive regular - il / elle
ils conjugation - ent + ions Subjunctive regular - nous
ils conjugation - ent + iez Subjunctive regular - vous
ils conjugation - ent + ent Subjunctive regular - ils
boot verb - l`ev(accent grave) - / lev- Subjunctive stem - lever
boot verb - jett- / jet- Subjunctive stem - jeter
boot verb - essai- / essay- Subjunctive stem - essayer
boot verb - doiv- / dev- Subjunctive stem - devoir
boot verb - prenn- / pren- Subjunctive stem - prendre
boot verb - tienn- / ten- Subjunctive stem - tenir
fass- Subjunctive stem - faire
puiss- Subjunctive stem - pouvoir
sach- Subjunctive stem - savoir
boot verb - aill- / all- Subjunctive stem - aller
boot verb - vaill- / val- Subjunctive stem - valoir
boot verb - veuill- / voul- Subjunctive stem - vouloir
aie, aies, ait, ayons, ayez, aient Subjunctive stem - avoir
sois, sois, soit, soyons, soyez, soient Subjunctive stem - etre
avenir (n) future
formation training / education
ca ne te fait rien it does not bother you
s'enfermer to close oneself off
equilibre balance
la chambre de bonne room for rent
une HLM (habitation a loyer modere) low income housing
Created by: uriel_magana