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CIW Lesson 1 Vocab

CIW Lesson 1 Vocab for uCertify

cloud computing Software, infrastructure and platform services that are hosted by a remote data center and provided to organizations over the Internet.
database administrator An individual who is responsible for the maintenance and security of an organization's database resources and data.
dead link A hyperlink that, when clicked, sends a Web site visitor to a page or resource that does not exist on the server.
Facebook The premier social networking site on the Web. It enables individuals to communicate individually and connect as groups using various communications tools.
Google The de facto standard for search engine sites.
Help desk technician An individual who diagnoses and resolves users' technical hardware and software problems.
Information Technology (IT) The management and processing of information using computers and computer networks.
mobile application developer An individual who develops Web sites and/or applications for mobile devices.
mobile device repair technician An individual who troubleshoots and repairs mobile device hardware components.
network engineer An individual who manages and maintains a network infrastructure.
Ontology The study of how a particular knowledge domain, or system, is organized. An ontology is the product of an ontological study.
PC repair technician An individual who installs, modifies and repairs personal computer (PC) hardware components.
replication The practice of copying data from one source, such as a database, to another.
Request For Comments (RFC) A document published by the IETF that details information about standardized Internet protocols and those in various development stages.
scalable The ability for a system to function well when its workload is increased or hardware is added to meet user need.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a Web site by structuring content to improve search engine ranking. A specific activity of Internet marketing.
Security analyst/consultant An individual who examines an organization's security requirements and determines the necessary infrastructure.
Security manager An individual who manages the security measures used to protect electronic data.
SEO analyst An individual who determines the visibility of Web sites across multiple clients and search engines.
Server administrator An individual who manages and maintains network servers.
smartphone A mobile phone with advanced computing ability and Internet connectivity. Smartphones combine a mobile phone, camera, video recorder, global positioning system, touchscreen, Web browser and wireless high-speed Internet connectivity into one device.
tablet A powerful mobile computer similar to a smartphone, but with a larger touchscreen. Tablet computers typically do not have phone service, but are capable of high-speed Internet connections.
twitter A social networking and blogging site that allows individuals to communicate via short messages.
Web application developer An individual who develops primarily server-side Web applications.
Web architect An individual who creates the overview plan of a Web site's development.
Web marketing manager An individual who develops and implements plans to exploit the Internet for marketing and sales opportunities.
Web site analyst An individual who analyzes Web site statistics to determine the site's effectiveness.
Web site designer An individual who is responsible for the organization and appearance of a Web site.
Web site manager An individual who manages a Web development team.
Created by: cc1685