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LC Bus HRM-past ques

LC HL Exam questions-State and Key words

Distinguish between induction trainging and staff development Induction Training (all new employee/technical operations-work skills). Staff Development (existing employees/career development-prof development/increase skills all employees)
Discuss Personal specification Sets pro qualifications/business defines kind of person required/compare evidence of each applicant/free from bias. ex. at least 3 yrs experience/ability to work under pressure.
Discuss Job Description Relates directly with nature of position (main duties/responsibilities/fit in organisation/salary/expectations/responsible to who
Discuss Panal Interview Selection technique used to pick /match with person specification. / candidate interviewed by group of interviewer to reduce bias/avoid gender balance/distribute questions/ fit with org culture
Benefits of internal recruitment morale improves from career possibilities (opportunities)/employee's skills, capabilities, attitude are known./employees now how firm operates/reduce labour turnover/less disruption
Benefits of external recruitment wider range of candidates/fresh ideas/wide range of experience/ new relationship with business.
Outline functions of Human Resource Manager Manpower Planning/ Recruitment and Selection of employees/ Training and Development /Performance Appraisal and Review / Industrial Relations / Employee Health, Safety and welfare / Pension Administration / Monitor General Employment Conditions
Methods of Rewards Time rate / Piece Rate / Fringe Benefits / Profit-related Pay / Employee Share Ownership Scheme / Bonus / Commission / Promotion
Outline the benefits of 'Performance Appraisal' for employees in a business Rewards-Monetary and non-monetary/ motivation-job satisfaction / industrial relations / training and Development / promotion path
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